Football AP Poll for 2022 Season

I thought they might start in the 18-21 range. Oh well, pretty sure they will be higher in some of the other preseason polls-- ESPN, etc


I think UTSA should be ranked.



So…an unranked Texas received a first place vote in the Coaches Poll…lol


I would argue UCF is a top 25 team. They are really good.


So let’s see.

The FUTURE Big 12 has FIVE teams in the pre-season Top 25.

The FUTURE PAC has only TWO.

Enough said!

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A more realistic, but dour view of this is that the voters charitably bestowed their leftover votes upon three P5 neophytes. They could have voted for Texas instead, but football fairy tales can only go so far.

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I asked this another thread when the Coaches Poll came out, so I’ll ask it here.

Cincy was ranked preseason #8 last year and made the CFP.

What is the preseason floor ranking for a G5 school to get into the CFP? If Cincy was preseason ranked #13 last season, would have been on the outside looking in?

I know it all depends on SOS, but let’s just say Houston did run the table and UTSA and Tech both ended up with decent records to finish the year. What is Houston’s final ranking if they beat a ranked UCF or Cincy in the AAC Championship game?

7? 6? What is it? How much does a preseason ranking impact the chance of a G5 getting into the CFP?

There’s no way we make CFP. NY6 is the ceiling


not at all. The coaches and AP dont decide who is in

That P5 bias kicking in early lol


I dont see the bias but it’s ok. I guess you mean there should have been bunch of G5 teams in top 25. Not sure. #GoCoogs

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Never say never… It would require us running the table and EVERYONE else besides the SEC Champ having 3 losses.

Never gonna happen

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Just a joke mate

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This year there will be no G5 in the playoffs since they are starting us at the bottom of the poll. Though this is not the CFP poll, they will be similar.

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Gotcha. I just put it in the category of where/how most think on here. Sorry for lapse in judgment :upside_down_face::wink:

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  1. this is the AP Poll…not the CFP

  2. #17-25 are really bunched up and interchangeable. Separated by 150 votes.

If we go 4-0 in OoC and shoud be in the top 15 entering AAC play.

That is a great place entering Conference play!

On the playoff, it will be hard but they actually set us up nicely…imagine if an undefeated top 5-10 UH beats an undefeated top 5-10 Cincinnati in our final game, the AAC CG


Until the playoff expands i have little to no interest in the 4 team invitational