Forget about the P2; how about the “Big 18?”

18 college football teams make up MORE THAN HALF of all TV viewership.

For what it’s worth, outside of the P2 and ND, only Florida State and Clemson make the list.

NO WONDER FSU is suing the ACC!!!


Hence the threats by fans of smaller schools declaring that they won’t watch any more college football if their team is left out of any breakaway means nothing to the execs.


The only thing is, even the P2 conferences really only have a handful of teams that generate the vast majority of the viewership.

Consider the future B1G. Even adding USC, Washington, and Oregon…they really only have seven “super big” brands.

That leaves ELEVEN “parasites.”

The future SEC…it only has eight “super big” brands.

Likewise…EIGHT “parasites.”

If splitting teams off to set up a whole separate division for ratings/interest purposes were really the goal…then why not form a “Big 18” consisting of the schools mentioned above?

That would be the ULTIMATE “no parasite” league.

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Yeah I’d stop watching. Those teams aren’t enough and many other cross over fans would drop out. I watch Mich vs Ohio st only bc we have a stake in the overall scheme. It falls apart if just these.

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Where’s your UCLA…lol

They are a football parasite…but a basketball BLUE BLOOD.

That’s why the first two PAC schools taken were USC and UCLA.

Those are the PAC’s two “blue bloods.” One in football (USC) and one in basketball (UCLA).

For what it’s worth, until this season, and when the invite was issued, UCLA was actually tied for the SECOND MOST PAC football titles overall, so even if you are looking to add the PAC’s two historically best football programs (since football is the chief driver of realignment)…arguably USC and UCLA would be the choices!

That mean UT is about to destroy SEC and join another league. What could possibly be after P18 for UT? NFL?

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Here YOU go moving the Goal Posts AGAIN!!.

You’ve said a a million times that Football 100% drives the bus with P2 additions and now you’re changing your tune again.

If the B1G 10 added a public city school in Los Angeles with Basketball history…they’ll CONSIDER adding a public city school in Houston with a basketball history and honestly…a brighter current situation basketball wise.


Yea, right now, I remember when Clemson wouldn’t have made that list, nor Oregon, nor Georgia. Or even Alabama when they were down.


Now then, here’s a problem for the G5,…and why Abbott and Patrick automatically deserve our vote for having pulled the strings to get us in the P4.

Besides being one of those top brands, the other big factor in college football viewership is appearing on one of the “Big Five” networks: CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and ESPN (not ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNews, CBSSports Network, etc). Those five networks account for 65% of all college football viewership.

Take a look at this chart. It shows which teams in the G5 have appeared on those networks the most. Wazzu leads the way, but in the future, that will probably tail off.


This is why San Diego State will NEVER have a seat at the table.

They appear on those networks with about the same frequency as Arkansas State, and less frequently than Memphis, USF, and Toolame.

What does that tell you? It tells you this: SDSU is not, nor will it ever be, a contender for “power” conference membership.

Two problems with that argument:

  1. Unlike UCLA, UH is NOT a basketball blue blood. We have ZERO national titles in our basketball history. UCLA has ELEVEN…the most of ANY school. Not close there.

  2. UCLA has SEVENTEEN “major” conference titles in football. UH has only four. Again, NOT CLOSE. Football does indeed drive realignment, and guess what? UCLA’s football history is far better than ours, given that.

Sorry, but comparing our football and men’s basketball history to UCLA’s is literally like comparing apples to MELONS.

Given that…don’t count on UCLA serving as a precedent for UH getting an invite to the B1G.

As I’ve told you before…if Pitt can’t make it in as an AAU member…then we likely cannot either.

You have to take into account channel and time of the game… Can’t compare apples to oranges…

Playing at noon EST on NBC or CBS shouldn’t be compared to playing at 9 EST on FS1

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LAW…the numbers do NOT LIE

The year UCLA got invited to the B1G 10, they averaged just over 40k in football and the entire athletic program was hemorrhaging money.

…and now you just provided another piece evidence AGAINST YOURSELF proving UCLA is not a highly viewed football product.

And for the record…if UH adds a few more Final Fours and a National Championship, or two, they are ENTERING BLUE BLOOD STATUS

We have already have more Final Four Appearances than 98% of College Basketball.

CASE CLOSED…The B1G 10 added the public city school in Los Angeles and they’d do the same for the public city school in Houston IF THEY WANT IN TEXAS!


But wait a minute law. Weren’t the one and only law torching to threads Oregon and Washington? You with the use of a loud speaker describe them as a bunch of misfits toys lost on their lone island.

It takes A LONG TIME to become a “blue blood.”

Not sure that an upcoming natty in basketball (which is entirely possible in the near future) would be enough to make us one.

As for hemorrhaging money…I don’t think UH has much room to talk.

We have pretty poor numbers in that regard as well…and won’t have B1G money to help make up for it anytime soon the way that UCLA will.

Remember…UCLA is Cali’s #2 best funded public, an AAU member, and has basketball natties and SEVENTEEN major conference football titles.

UH…has none of those things.

The B1G, as a general rule, never invites a public that isn’t #1 or #2 in their state in funding, never invites a non-AAU member, prefers larger brands than UH, and would (presumably) be looking for a school with a better history of success in football and basketball than UH.

Look Bro. I would LOVE for UH to be in the P2. But as long as UT and aTm are SEC members, joining that conference will be a virtual impossibility, and for the other reasons I stated…you shouldn’t get your hopes up about the B1G sniffing around.

Remember the three, arguably four, biggest realignment lies told on

  1. UH is being “vetted” by the B1G.
  2. UH “almost joined” the SEC.
  3. UH is “negotiating” to join the PAC/ 4) the PAC is “considering” UH.

Are you a troll law?
Your posts suggest it. There is no other ways to put it.
You have zero, rien, niente, nichts, nada idea what the big10 is considering.
Do I need to post for the 100th time that you, yes you expert law told us that:
The big10 will never go West.
The big10 will never get USC and ucla
The big10 is set with USC and UCLA…after you were proven to be wrong.
The big10 laughs at adding O and W.
The big10 will never allow O and W into the big10
O and W are not big brands.

Trolls behave in a certain way. They keep repeating assumptions until they are publicly exposed. You lawtroll have been exposed again and again.

You were sentenced to 2,000 hours of community service cleaning debris on freeways over passes. The court now sentences you to clean up debris all around TDECU stadium and the Fertitta center before and after every game. You will be allowed to bring your own sandwich but taylor swift tunes are prohibited at all times.


It seems like this is the FIRST time that you have ever mentioned any of this stuff, right? Big Ten, AAU, UH not worthy of being in the conference, UH not being vetted by these conferences, etc.

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Wake me up the day that the B1G invites a state’s #3 best funding public, a non-AAU member, and a brand as small as ours.

I suspect I’ll sleep soundly.

What happened when the big10 got:
What happened law?
Be a man, be a real man and admit you were wrong. Is it that hard even for you?
Come one now:

Are you respectful to the Coogsfans public law?

I don’t dispute that I was wrong on that.

But prove me wrong on THIS.

I’ll stand by until I do. I suspect I’ll be standing by for a good long while.

In any event, I wasn’t the one that was calling for us the join the PAC after we had already joined the better Big 12 (but before the PAC collapsed), or claiming that the PAC was a better conference or landing spot for UH when it obviously wasn’t for a wide variety of reasons (that’s why it fell apart), or claiming that the B1G and PAC might merge and just play a championship game.

I’ve yet to hear 1927 admit he was wrong on ALL of those theories…ALL of which he proposed here at one point or another.

If I can admit that I’m wrong…then so can he…though he never has.

That said, answer me this:

Has the B1G EVER invited a) a state’s third best funding public, b) a non-AAU member during our lifetimes, or c) a brand as small as our during our lifetimes?

Hint: The correct answer is no.

Prove me wrong on THAT point.

Good luck!

You won’t be able to, because it has NEVER happened.