Friday Night Lights event at TDECU tonight?

Have you guys gotten the texts about Friday night lights event tonight at TDECU? I did, but I haven’t heard anything about it before that I can remember. I do remember they had something in February called Friday night lights.

I wonder if they meant next Friday since that is when the open practice is.

I think it is in one week.

For donors of a certain level


All Cougar Pride donors at the All Conference Club and above ($500+) are invited plus one guest. Face coverings are required. Demeris BBQ provided with cash bar.

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i believe this is the spring game event…

There’s no actual spring game this year Monte, but we have open scrimmages on Fridays 4/16 and 4/23.

From what I understand from Derek, the next two Fridays are open events. This might be invitation only? He told me this morning they have a scrimmage this evening.

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Watching this event now and the new cb from tech already making an impact-had a pick 6 off of Tune.


How is the rest of the defense looking?

Is it being live streamed?

Looking good. Your son is animated. They had another interception off massoud along with a safety I believe.

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Overall, I would say the defense looks better than the offense.

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Well, as I write this tune just threw another interception to the same tech transfer

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Thank you!!!

Tony & Travis. Dana & Tune.

The Tune bashing will commence again now I’m sure


Well he just threw another interception so you are probably right. I missed the first 45 minutes of the scrimmage/practice but since I’ve been watching he’s thrown 3 and none of them have been tipped, etc.


GEEZ, anyone else playing QB?? This sounds like a replay of last 2 years, except worse…