Fritz will have a Spring Game and it will be similar to other P4 schools


Nice! We’ve always needed more buzz around spring football.

Hopefully Fritz brings some of that buzz back.


Sounds good!

The only thing is, I will be at UH on the 13th, but I’ll most likely be tied up with a Military Order of the World Wars Youth Leadership Seminar at the ROTC building, and won’t be able to see the game.


At least we can preview the QB and offense this spring unlike last year when Holgorsen kept QB1 away from the media.


I assume they will bring bleachers in on the practice football field since there is a giant construction crane on the stadium football field?

Is that some sort of Dungeons and Dragons thing?


As he should!!! I was so sick of Dana man. That 2022 spring game “scrimmage” was awful


Wait…what if it might rain? That got it cancelled last year.

Still hard to get your mind around that disgrace.


Thank you. Looking forward to it.


You may have had high school students you coached that were a part of one.

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Thank you for doing this program. I am a retired Navy Seabee.I remember (I think) when ROTC had an indoor .22 rifle range on campus.Before your time ?
Go Coogs !


Not sure about that.

But Army and Air Force ROTC at UH are both thriving!

They have generously volunteered their facilities and several cadet volunteers for this event.

In turn, they get a chance to make an ROTC recruiting pitch to the high schoolers at the end!

Thanks for your service as well!

I did my ROTC at a different school than UH.


Back in the day I only remember ROTC. Later when in Grad school We had NROTC . The Navy guys went to Rice for their classes in Military Science and training. Is there still NROTC ? We did not AFROTC . That must be fairly new.

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The Navy ROTC in Houston is hosted at Rice.

Many UH students participate in it as cross-enrolled cadets.

Likewise, many Rice, HBU, TSU, UST, etc students cross-enroll in Army and Air Force ROTC at UH, and get their commissions that way.

The Air Force ROTC unit at UH started about 10-15 years ago. It’s going strong and has also commissioned some Space Force Officers.

I usually present awards for both the Military Order of World Wars and the Military Officer’s Association of America at UH’s Army and Air Force award ceremonies in the Spring.

My MOWW chapter has a retired Navy O6 that does the same award presentation for Rice’s Naval ROTC awards ceremony.


Fantastic programs at out beloved University! I will bet there is some scholarship money in there, somewhere.
Go Coogs !

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Full disclosure on cross enrolling at Rice.During my time as a Grad Student in late 70’s UH had some some world class profs in Soil Mechanics and Reinforced Concrete design. Rice did not so they cross-enrolled their students that needed those classes . They had world class profs in Design of Structures and we didn’t so we sent our folks to Rice .Not a lot of folks know this little tidbit of Cullen College of Engineering lore.
Thanks for your continued service.



Collaborative programs are great!

So did you get a commission as a Navy Seabee Officer through Rice Naval ROTC?

No,I got my commission through the Navy Direct Commissioning Program as a Prior Service Enlisted person . It was the Seabee Program I fell in love with and did a lot of training with the Marines (one of our primary customers) at Quantico,29 Palms and Camp Pendleton.
I enjoyed my time building things all over the world.

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Thanks for your service as well!

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