From JD at Chronicle re: UH podcast

Hey Coog Fans!

Thanks for your support and interest in our coverage of the University of Houston. It’s an exciting time on Cullen, and I look forward to bringing you all the news, features and social media updates I can dish out.

Moving forward I have pitched a new initiative to my bosses and want to gauge whether it would be of interest to you as UH fans. I have proposed a weekly podcast on all things UH. We are still working on the format, which could include a call-in segment for questions. Our weekly Periscope chats do so well that I believe this is the next logical step.

To have data to present to my bosses I would like to gauge your interest if this is something you would listen to? You can leave comments below and I’ll also send out a poll on Twitter. By the way, Twitter numbers for September were the best they have ever been. Again my sincere thanks.

In addition, thanks for following my work Facebook page.

Best of luck and enjoy the remainder of the season. If you have questions you know where to find me.

Update: This is in no way trying to step on or replace any of the great UH podcasts that are already available. I think there’s plenty to go around for everybody. I respect what those guys already do and consider them friends.



I’d listen to it.

I would definitely listen to that. I enjoy the Pawdcast, but it would also be nice to have a weekly update with the guy closest to the real sources. Count me in, JD!

I’m so down for it!

But what would the folks at cougar digest think? Don’t they have some folks all ready doing a podcast for UH football?

I reckon there’s plenty of room for more high-quality podcasts.

Did not know JD was on this forum, but that’s awesome. Love your work @JosephDuarte

I would totally listen.

I’d definitely be interested!

I subscribe to the Pawdcast and Shock The World, and look forward to them every week. I’d do the same for yours.

Yes JD I would listen. Great coverage this year as usual.

Yes i would definitely listen.


I would like to welcome you to Coogfans. Of course people would be interested in this as we have been doing a podcast for about 6-9 months. I would suggest having the hosts on your show one day. They are very knowledgeable and good guys.


Heck yes I’ll listen to it. Your coverage of UH athletics has been great, this will only make it better.


I would like to hear another one.

yes podcast

I am all for podcasts! Full support from me.

I’m down with another podcast.

Of course

I would listen to a once per week podcast for sure. It should blend in well with my Weekly Brew, Scott and Holman, and Shock The World podcasts. By the way, I have enjoyed your Periscopes. Keep up the great work and Go Coogs!

Great work week and week out. As you know we have been kicked out to the curb since the mid/late 90’s. This entire BIG12 expansion (possible) process has been equal to the longest rollercoaster ever created. It puts to shame Astroworld. I enjoy podcast but I have to take this opportunity to ask us if we do have an alternative plan to join a P5 in the very near future. I understand that you mentioned it previously but an update/confirmation will be newsworthy. We heard PAC 12, BIG10, ACC or even SEC as real options. Are these real? The so called leaks from countless websites or so called insiders has taken its toll on all of us. I understand that it is very highly confidential but this non sense has taken way too long. In case you do not want to answer. No worries, I will still listen.
Thank you again JD