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Show up for the players y’all. Student athletes are doing it for you.


It is heartbreaking to see people leaving early. It’s going to be worse seeing them not show up at all.

At least players have some control over the outcomes. Fans don’t. Play better, and the fans will be there.


The Rice loss probably cost us 5K butts in seats yesterday. People not using their tickets. And some lost walk up. Afternoon showers played a role too.


I used to share this sentiment - several decades ago - but now w the benefit of witnessing repeated years like this one you’ll come to realize that showing up for the players has a little masochistic feel to it - I say vote with your feet and your wallets and send a LOUD message to Pez & Til that their buddy is ruining the fun and setting the program back years



They should be blaming Dana and not be worried about the fans in the stands.

Personally I’d much rather be a player in an empty stadium having fun playing college football than being fan in the stands watching a terrible product.


That’s real, I can understand how attendees leaving by the “thousands” may impact a players feelings.

Myself, my wife and my 7 year old left after #1 threw away a “must” convert 4th down.

I was feeling decent about the Coogs chances at halftime.

The score could have possibly been 19-17 Coogs, but it was 17-10 TCU, but the Coogs had shown some instances of keeping up.

A recovered fumble and an INT taken to TCU territory, but the Coogs came up empty. Add in the missed FG. And despite some micues, the Coogs had some positive momentum going into halftime and they were receiving the ball to start the 3rd quarter.

Coogs started the 3rd quarter with bad field position and then an intentional grounding penalty and it was essentially the ball game.

The coaches didn’t adjust schemes, play calling or players. #23 seems to be a more efficient back than #21. #4 and #0 deserve more looks.

This team hasn’t built up enough good will to keep the fans in their seats.

I believed in the teams lead by Keenum, Ward and even King. Whether true or not, during those “eras,” I believed the Coogs just needed the ball in their possession.

I’ll take the criticism for leaving early, but understand that it leaves individuals open for equal criticism.

I left early yesterday, but some of your teammates didn’t show up for the first half last week against Rice.

It was also your HC that essentially called the Rice game a “trap” game, because according to CDH, this Coog team was looking ahead and focused on the Horned Frogs…it seemed that way for the 1st half.


Yeah, like…why are these players more deserving of our support than any of the myriad UH sports I don’t attend or donate to? Or any of the non-athlete students? Why spend on Football rather than Swimming or Golf or Volleyball or Track and Field?

Ultimately, sports – even college sports – are a consumer product. If we’re not enjoying it, why go?


Like a lot of us, I have suffered through many, many miserable seasons. This one so far is no different. I keep coming to support UH, and you never know where, out of the blue, you end up seeing a historic performance.

I feel like you need to experience the bad seasons to truly appreciate the good seasons.


I mean I was at the game. Left right when QB threw the ball out of bounds on a 4th down play. Hard to stick around when that happens. Leaving is not an indictment of players. It is an indictment of coaches and admin.


What I do with my time and money is my business. I never received a spec of sympathy nor asked for any when I was struggling with anything in college. Man up. I didn’t get everything catered to me and get the star treatment that student athletes get, especially the football players. They are basically royalty on campus. They can GTFO with that! Princess.


I feel for the therm, but my god I’m damn near having a heart attack with the atrocious play calling.

I can’t stand it.


I enjoy getting outside and going to the games but this team is making it really hard to attend the games. This team is not only bad its boring too.


It’s heartbreaking, but the only way this gets fixed is by firing Dana. It sucks, but the longer he is here, the longer the suffering lasts.


On the fourth quarter fourth down where DS threw it out of bounds, the announcers said that receivers didn’t come back and give him someone to throw to.

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The people really didn’t start leaving until the 4th quarter. I stayed and got home around 11:30ish. If you brought kids, you probably left around halftime to be able to get home around 10. I sat through the rain showers yesterday tailgating and got soaked. I can imagine there were other people that had endured the rain showers and may have left early to dry out and get cleaned up.

I went to the ECU @ App State game. Record crowd of 40k in a 30k stadium. We had a lot of fun and excitement. Watched the Coogs after. Can’t say that was fun and exciting.


I’ll show up. But, there’s obvious weaknesses in this team. How do you expect sympathy losing to rice??

Theres no way a QB is supposed to even think I should run straight on the 1 in our territory. Receivers should catch the ball not drop it with no one around. Those things every game catch up. The UH fans notices those things.

There should’ve been a clear athletic performance evaluation stating after the season we would re evaluate. We’re in this situation because of Pezman and Dana. But people actually think it takes times to turn a team around. It doesn’t. Not anymore, and in this day and age you should be able to notice when someone doesn’t live up to the expectation.


Football has had the opportunity to prove to people to show up……other than the base.

They have lost twice, once against Rice and then not even competitive in the TCU game.

I put 80% on the coaches because they do a piss poor job of coaching up the players….

But don’t pull this “ heartbreaking “ to see….what do you think it’s been for the fans that have been here game after game , year after year?

If I’m going to feel bad for student athletes it’s going to be the ones like Volleyball who don’t have near what they deserve……or how about women’s basketball, baseball and softball who have been ignored by their own AD to the point no one shows up at all?

I don’t want to hear a word out of football.


That is true. The receivers were just standing in one spot. They weren’t doing a thing to try to get open and help the QB.


Oh yeah, they fired that guy

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