Future UH QB

Are we thinking Dana gets a transfer to come in to run the offense? I’m curious. I don’t think Coley can be “the guy”

I agree. Also don’t think the transfer we have coming in is the guy either though.


Your guess is good as mine, I have no idea what we’ll do.

People hating on Coley without seeing him play is crazy lol.


I have no idea. I don’t think they’ve given up on Coley

How do you know that Coley isn’t the man? Have you been to a lot of practices?


Regardless if Coley is the man, you take a portal QB if a good one wants to come here.


A transfer or top JUCO that can be here for Spring training.

Coley is going to be the QB but I would like more competition for him…


I doubt he beats out a top transfer or JUCO.

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He could go off in the spring

CDH likes Coley’s skill set.

He didn’t go through spring training.

Likes what he’s seen since the off week.

People here doubt him because he’s a 3 star redshirt freshman

Coley will be great.

How do you know that? The guy has been on the field for 15 seconds this year.

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Based on what? That he’s not starting over a senior? UH will recruit a QB portal to create competition and have some experience in the QB room. No one knows if Coley is the man.

I remember when people were ecstatic when we got a 3 star, period.


How the hell are we dismissing Coley? Saving this thread and taking names.

I hope Coley is the guy, Keenum was a 3 star.

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This guy Coley has waited for his turn. He deserves his opportunity. Besides, I don’t see a lot of guys lining up to play in the “Sloth offense”…

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