G5 only playoffs being discussed

Au revoire to them if true!

Potentially more slots in the P4 playoffs for the Big 12!

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so they’ll ultimately end up being 3 Playoffs?

48 -50 in the P2

Tweener leftovers from the Big 12 + ACC Playoff

G5 Playoff

No indication of that yet.

If this went through, then we’d simply have a “power” conference playoff, and a “G6” playoff.


So three Div 1 playoffs. FCS championship, G6 championship and P4 championship. Everybody wins!

A playoff involving only big 12 and acc may rival wnba viewership numbers.

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and after the P2 raids the ACC & Big 12 for all brands that have any worth, it might rival MLS viewership numbers.

There are only four brands (at the most) in the ACC and zero in the Big 12 that would have P2 level additive value. Two of those four are (the most obvious two), of course, suing to leave the ACC.

After they leave, some remaining ACC brands, now facing a devalued ACC, will move to the Big 12.

We’ve been through this.

There will not be a separate P2 and P3/4 playoff, or at least, none has been proposed.

I think the Acc leftovers and big12 along with p2 will all be in 1 playoff. G5 discussed having their highest rated team be in this playoff as well.So nothing will change for the big playoff other than stopping g5 from being in it bc the g5 will have their own.

The g5 then has a seperate playoff for the rest of g5 that isn’t in the major playoffs. One article or you tube mentioned it.

You haven’t been paying attention:

Once the P2 reaches 48-50 Schools, there will be ZERO resistance outside of that number because all the schools that are worth a darn will be in the P2 and then they can make their move.

There has been talk of those two conferences breaking away, but as we’ve also pointed out (but which you’ve chosen to ignore) is that to get to 48, they’d have to add more than a dozen teams.

There are simply NOT a dozen teams in the Big 12 and ACC combined that would be value additive to either the SEC or ACC.

Sure there are!

Remember this is to ensure they control the ENTIRE map of Upper Tier College Football

  1. Notre Dame
  2. Virginia
  3. Florida State
  4. Clemson
  5. North Carolina
  6. Kansas
  7. Utah
  8. Colorado
  9. Arizona
  10. North Carolina State
  11. Virginia Tech
    3 of Miami/ Duke/ Houston/ Texas Tech/ TCU/ Georgia Tech/ Louisville/ PITT/ Iowa State/ Arizona State/BYU/ Cincinnati

Only the following brands are big enough to truly add value to the P2.

They already control the nation’s map.

  1. Notre Dame
  2. Florida State
  3. Clemson
  4. North Carolina

You can forget about a miniscule brand like UH being in the conversation.

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those are all Southeast brands…there is PLENTY of map still left to control.

I.m telling you …the fact the B1G does NOT have a school in Texas bothers them.

Especially, if they can’t convince TAMU or TU to jump.

If we suddenly start getting a bunch of AAU support from B1G schools…you know something is up.

In fact, I hope Renu/the Don/ Pez are doing everything they can to understand the what needs to be done for UH to be a viable candidate because I am confident Texas Tech and TCU are.

Yeah, but if those two break away, who cares?

The P2 will control things the way that they are.

And if B1G really needs a TX school…which they NEVER have…they’re already the top money conference without one…then they’ll simply add either aTm (which is already being rumored), or UT.

At any rate, the P2 already have UT and aTm; no need for any other TX schools

The only area those two conferences don’t have covered is the Mountain States, and I’m guessing that they don’t really need a school there. Neither Utah nor Colorado post-Prime will add much value.

News flash: When was the last time a B1G 10 Conference game was played inside the 2nd most populous state in the United States.

Answer: NEVER

They also had the same answer for the most populous state in the United States. They made sure that isn’t the case moving forward.

Having schools IN Florida and IN Texas matter to the B1G’s ‘Control the Map’ Strategy.

This could work in OUR favor as long as we don’t have people like LAW, in leadership positions, poo pooing the idea/ becuase UH is a WAY BIGGER Academic and Athletic brand than you are giving us credit for.

WE are essentially equal to Maryland but we have a FAR HIGHER CEILING…the B1G knows this.

This is why we are hearing the Texas A&M rumors…they WANT in Texas!

News flash.

They’ve never needed such a game in order to become the top money conference.

No reason to think that they’d need it now.

But if they WANT it (which is hardly a given, much less even a necessity or a significant probability), then they’ll simply take aTm or UT.

Again, if the P2 form their own league…they’ll ALREADY HAVE UT and aTm.

No need to add anyone else, because they’ll control TX.

The B1G does NOT control Texas and the P2 Conferences are competitors…not one unified conference.

SEC having schools in Texas means squat to the B1G especially if they have an avenue to get THEIR brand into the state

In that case, the B1G has never needed a TX school to compete with, and even EXCEED the SEC and all others in money.

So there’s no reason to believe that they would need such a thing now in order to be competitive.

And if they wanted a TX school (again, no reason to believe that they do), then they’d simply poach UT or aTm.

Not a surprise since they are being virtually excluded from future playoff consideration. Having their own playoffs is a good solution.