Game 11: Houston at ECU, 19 Nov, 1p CT ESPN+

We are going to need a another great Tune performance to have a chance. Wonder if Brown and Sneed are okay. Kelan Walker played the entire last drive. Brown limped off the field and I don’t think he came back.


Brown’s injury didn’t look great. He was hobbled. He had a game yesterday too.

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The injuries have been insane… really tough game with ECU.

Two teams with a winning record on ESPN+ is not great.


This one I’ll be watching in person!

Go Coogs!


Cary, obviously you are on the west coast

I live in rural Northern California, about an hour north of Sacramento.


Interesting observation by Ryan M. Our basketball team has given up fewer points in it’s last 2 games than our football team. Hopefully, the basketball team can lose that distiction and still win this week

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Line is out. ECU -6.5.

Wow. Just wow!!!

You could make some serious money knowing our defense is gonna give up 50…easy.

We lose by 3TD minimum, ECU is always a tough win for us there on the road

ECU is experienced and will be at home. This game looks out of reach. The optimist in me says their offense makes more mistakes than our offense.

Coogs - 77

Pirates - 63


I am retired from gambling but if I wasn’t I’d take that one for a LOT of $$$

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I would need UH +11 at least for me to wager on the Coogs. I am guessing the Total will be somewhere in the 70s when it comes out.

(Edit - I am not saying that the Coogs will lose but I don’t feel confident that the Coogs can come within 7 points in this likely shootout)

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It will probably have to be a shootout for us to even keep it close.
I have zilch confidence in our defense and ECU is decent on both sides of the ball.


I predict that we will get blown out
Sorry, not sorry - our offense will keep up but our defense may give up an AAC record for yards


With our defense, I was expecting double digits.


IMO this game will define our coaching abilities. Stats tell us that ecu is far more dominant on the DL than our OL.
I want to see our OL make a statement. That statement is against ecu. We are going to see how formidable our offensive minds are. That in itself is CDH opportunity to show everyone how we have improved.
We have lost players to the nfl and injuries but every school does. How good of a game plan will Belk have?
This game is a great opportunity to throw all possible schemes. 100 points scored against us tell us we have to adjust. Will we?