Game 5 Thread vs Missouri (L 4-2)

Top of the 3rd - no score
Hollis grounded out to 2nd
Wong (0-0 HBP) is hit by pitch
Padgett (0-1 FC) up…Wong picked off. Padgett flies out to center

M3 - no score

Romero struck out the 1st 5 batters before giving up a double.

COOGS had runners on 2nd and 3rd after a Joe Davis double in the first and couldn’t score.

It looks like after the opening weekend, the coaching staff showed the hitters last year and said this is how to hit and run the bases.

Very frustrating. Men on 2nd & 3rd and cannot get a run. Picked off at first.


Bottom of the third
Missouri gets a double and then Romero can’t pick up the sac bunt. A stolen base then puts runners on 2nd and third. Romero gets his 6th K, but Wong can’t hang on to it, loading the bases. Wong then allows a passed ball on the next pitch allowing a run and the other 2 runners move up…1-0 Missouri

COOGS finally get an out as the next batter fouls out to Wong.

Sac Fly to right scores another for Mizzou…2-0

Romero gets his 7th K

T4…Mizzou leads 2-0

Davis, Julks, Scheiner due up

This game is similar to so many last year

Top 4th
Davis (1-1 2B) singles to left
Julks (0-1) grounds into a 6-4-3 double play
Scheiner (0-1) hits a home run to right…Mizzou leads 2-1
Lockhart (0-1) Ks looking

M4…Mizzou leads 2-1

Bottom 4th
K (8th), BB, runner picked off, flyout to left

T5…Mizzou leads 2-1

Triolo, Monacy, Hollis due up

Top 5th
Triolo (0-1) infield single to shallow 3rd
Monacy (0-1) grounds into a 6-4-3 double play
Hollis (0-1) out trying to bunt for a hit

M5…Mizzou up 2-1

Looking like Deja Vu in the bottom of the 5th

Bottom 5th
Double, HBP, and a throwing error by Romero on a sac bunt loads the bases with no outs

Romero gets his 9th K for the first out

Pop out to short for the second out

Romero gets his 10th K to get out of the jam

T6…Mizzou leads 2-1

Wong, Padgett, Davis due up

Nice recovery by Romero

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Top 6th
Wong (0-0 2 HBP) homers to right…tied 2-2
Padgett (0-2) grounds out to first
Davis (2-2 2B) grounds out in front of the plate
Julks (0-2) Ks swinging

M6…Tied 2-2

Big homer by Wong.

Bottom 6th
K (11th) and 2 singles put runners on 1st/2nd with 1 out

Romero then walks the bases loaded

Romero gets his 12th K looking for the 2nd out

Single to left scores 2…runners on the corners…Mizzou leads 4-2

Romero pulled for Pulido
Went 5.2IP 7H 4R 3ER 2BB 12K

Pulido gets a groundout to Hollis to end the inning.

T7…Mizzou leads 4-2

Scheiner, Lockhart, Triolo due up

Top 7th
Scheiner (1-2 HR) singles to right
Lockhart (0-2) singles to center, Scheiner to 2nd
Triolo (1-2) Ks
Slaughter pinch hits for Monacy…Toelken relieved by …Slaughter flies out to right
Hollis (0-2) lines out to right

M7…Mizzou leads 4-2

Oh no! Runners in scoring position with no outs. Not the best position for this team to be in right now.

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This team has some serious work to do in the area of clutch hitting. This is infuriating!


Bottom 7th
Groundout to Short, flyout tocenter and a K looking

T8…Mizzou leads 4-2

Wong, Padgett, Davis due up

Top 8th
Wong (1-1 HR 2HBP) Ks looking
Padgett (0-3) grounds out to first
Davis (2-3 2B) Ks swinging

B8…Mizzou leads 4-2

Bottom 8th

3 up, 3 down for Pulido. He’s retired all 7 he’s faced

Top 9…Mizzou leads 4-2

Julks, Scheiner, Lockhart due up

Top 9th
Julks (0-3) pops out to short
Scheiner (2-3 HR) Ks swinging
Lockhart (1-3) reaches first on a bobble by the pitcher
Triolo (1-3) flies out to center

Ball Game - Mizzou wins 4-2

Notwithstanding what happens here in the 9th, I’m going to go out on a limb and say we need to consider a change at the hitting coach position (whoever that is). Given how last year went and how this year has started, we need some serious help in that area.

We let Greg Evans go last year and brought in Caleb Barker as the new hitting coach prior to the season.