Game 6: Kent State @ #2 Houston - November 26, 2022 (W 49-44)


Kent St is interesting. They have beaten up 5 weaker teams in blowout fashion. They have a Game Wednesday vs a pretty good Charleston team so that will be a great barometer. They have a quick turnaround playing 2 road games with just 2 days rest and an early game Saturday.-


Would not surprise me if they (Kent) have a let down tonight. They might be looking forward to their early season super bowl type game Saturday and don’t play up to expectations . . . . . JMHO

if there’s a surprise trap game on schedule its this game … they are really good and easily overlooked

they blew out nku, nku blew out cincy
good on O and D

They play charleston who has top 25 votes in 2 days

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It shouldn’t be the biggest of blowouts, but Houston is clearly the better team and therefore the correct pick to come away victorious. Houston 74.52, Kent State 56.85.

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Kent State players to watch:

Carry is averaging 35 minutes per game

Santiago is averaging 30 minutes per game.

They go about 9 deep. 4 players averaging double figures

*Carry shooting 10 of 29 from 3pt

*Santiago shooting 12 of 27 from 3pt

*Thomas shooting 10 of 28 from 3pt (Hes a Stretch 4)

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Sincere Carry?

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3d after 5 games.

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We’re great on FG% DEF. as well!


I am old enough to remember when you could get Fertitta Center tickets for $6. Now the min is $25 for Kent St. (looking ahead – min is $46 for Memphis in February)

Houston at #3, St. Marys at #8, should be a good match up in FW.

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Game Tuesday has a lot of 5 dollar tickets available?

I guess all of the football fans wanting to do the doubleheader scooped up the under $10 tickets for Saturday.

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Kent state lost today by 2 to Charleston like a bunch of dodos

Kent is a solid team and can really shoot the threes. However, not much depth or size outside of their starting C. Two of their guards totaled 37 min last game and have travel here on just two days rest.

Hornbeak only played 11 min last game so either there was a matchup problem or he got hurt.

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