Game Day Drive

Several shutdowns on I-10 this morning. For sure my stop in Lake Charles in jeopardy.


Thought I just heard on the radio that I-10 is impassable between Winnie and Beaumont. Also heard flooding in Winnie is worse than Harvey.

Definitely check traffic maps before you head out and remember TURN AROUND DON’T DROWN


The weather sucks big time for those driving to NO today. Understand part of I-10 is flooded around Winnie. Drive carefully and be safe. We’ll see you at the stadium with big Coog welcome.

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Woah, be careful everyone who is driving!

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We’ve been stuck for over an hour on I-10…just before Winnie. No way to turn around now. Gonna have to wait it out.

People post useful updates in this thread. That way we can use it and also help each other out. I’m getting ready to head out myself.

Consider another route because traffic is not moving and doesn’t look like it will improve any time soon.

Waze is saying to go north and come back to I-10 after Beaumont. Does that seem like a good idea to folks in East Texas right now? Is it possible it’s suggesting that just because no one is updating those country roads.

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9:00 am
Be careful traveling… flood warnings all up and down IH -10 E … 27.5” rainfall in Winnie at IH-10 and stalling around that area at 9:00 am… get free weather app “myradar “ to help. Sever rainfall all the way east into Lafayette LA on IH-10…and appears to be stalling over this area of country.

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Add FREE “myradar” app to phone to see weather…, powerful app with lots of filters… hope this can help traveling Coogs… Good Luck and God Bless…

Radar around Houston and East Texas as of 30 minutes ago. Be safe, Coogs.

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I have two tickets waiting for me at the box office. If someone else makes it come on here and give me a number to call and I will see if I can have them turned over to you. The only way to make it is to drive north to Lufkin or Tyler over to Alexandria and then down to New Orleans. I am going to tell my wife the news and see what she wants to do. Pretty sure we aren’t going and will try to see the game on tv somewhere else as dish doesn’t work well in the rain.


I can see losing this game with players concerned about Houston. Distractions will be no help for out side.

Anyone travelling today - BE SAFE!!! Don’t try to navigate flooded roads!!

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Did the team make it ok? What is forecast for game?

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Guys, not a good idea at all to make your way down I-10 today. It’s dangerous and if you get too far, there will be no way out.


Just spoke to a friend who was attempting to make the drive. His advice…‘Don’t’ There is no chance of getting thru via I-10 or anything close to it.

He is headed back home so it looks like my tickets won’t be used after all.


Team flew out yesterday and is already in New Orleans. Right now, all the rain is between East Houston and Baton Rouge and I don’t believe too much of it will move towards New Orleans by tonight. Should be OK.

I would not get off I-10 for County roads.

TxDOT drainage standards tends to be much higher than County road standards. TxDOT mainlanes are likely elevated much higher than County roads.

If you get off I-10 I think you’re going to be in trouble and looking for a rescue. Unfortunately you probably have to be patient and wait it out.

I recall making a today trip to NOLA back after the '94 floods, and you couldn’t find dry land between Houston and Beaumont. I-10 was an island in a sea of floodwater. Couldn’t get off the highway for gas, even if the gas station was high and dry, all the feeders and side roads were under feet of water.

Radar looks bad with more rain heading that way. Please stay safe Cougar fans!!!


This storm just won’t go away. If you haven’t left, don’t go. No shame in watching this one from home.

Winnie area was already reporting flooding worse than Harvey, and that was hours ago. Thousands of calls for rescues, and much more rain on the way.

This big massive red blob of heavy rain is traveling east along I-10.

Here’s the prediction by 11:30 this morning. Even more intense rain (see purple) along I-10 later this morning.