Games of Interest: 12/31/18-1/6/2019

Conference play begins and here’s the schedule:

Cincy gets to east into conference, UCF gets tested early, and there’s some other fun games mixed in there.

Other than the UH game, I am interested in Temple-UCF and Wichita St - Memphis. I think Temple wins on the road. Not sure on the Shockers.

And, yes, Cincy with Tulane and ECU should be sitting at 2-0 after Saturday. The Coogs need to match that with two home games.


Do you think the new football coach will be in attendance on Wednesday if announced tomorrow? It will be interesting to see the reception if so.

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I’ve heard that he will be there and be introduced.


It will be a welcome back CDH!

Go Coogs!

If you’re still up, tune in to CBSSN and watch the last 6 minutes of UConn v USF. Pretty good game. USF is up 57-48 right now.

USF knocked them off! UCONN’s not back yet.

Guess we’ll start hearing about how the American is bringing UCONN down again. :roll_eyes:


Nevada is making USU look bad. Not to mention Okie lost also.


Who knows maybe usf is better than we thought…they’ve only lost to the citadel and Georgetown in overtime this year. Maybe they can be kind of a surprise team like we were In 2016.

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They are looking pretty good. Look very similar to CKS’s 1st good team for Houston where we basically came out of nowhere and went 12-6 in the American after going 4-14 the year before. They also play very CKS-like by focusing on defense and rebounding. Don’t think they have a Rob Gray yet, but they might finish .500 this year.

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That would help out the conference for sure!

Michigan stays undefeated and knocks off Penn State by 13 at home.

I was a little taken back by UConn losing to USF. Hurley is a good coach.

Goes to show how hard it is to win on the road in conference.


IDK if Memphis is learning defense but the score is 22-20 against WSU. 5 left.

You’ve got that right. We won’t have an easy time just abut anywhere this year.

UCONN did have a couple of guys out last night and I just don’t think they have the talent there yet.

WSU is 283rd in scoring offense this year; they lost way too much last year to really have a chance.

Kind of interested to see how much Memphis scores in this one as Wichita State was giving up 69.7 a game. If the Shockers can hold Memphis in the 70s tonight, I’ll feel really good about Sunday.

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Damn, Memphis got hot at the end of the half and is up 44-32. I’m glad we get them here and don’t have to make a return trip there. Hopefully, we don’t catch them in the tourney either as we always seem to catch the home team in the AAC tourney.