Thought I’d show how to landscape a garden on a golf course

Green beans
Brussel sprouts
Green onions


do you water those manually or timer?

I have a sprinkler system and do some hand watering in this hot dry spell

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So do we…… just got a couple of Meyer Lemon Trees this past weekend….

Anyone ever tried one? I read they are hybrid 1/2 lemon 1/2 mandarin orange.

Keep them watered well in the first year. No fertilizer until year 3

Mature trees are around 6 to 10 ft (2 to 3 m) tall with dark green shiny leaves. Flowers are white with a purple base and fragrant. The fruit is rounder than a true lemon, deep yellow with a slight orange tint when ripe, and has a sweeter, less acidic flavor. The lemons contain a highly acidic pH of between 2 and 3. This acidity level allows for these lemons to be used as antibacterial and antiseptic cleaners


I have one “improved Myer lemon” (I think that’s what they called it) bush/tree whatever it is. Taste just like lemons to me. It took it a few years before it started producing more than like 8 lemons. Now I get like 2 or 3 bags of lemons from it. It produces so much that we usually give them away to people we know. I did start fertilizing it with citrus plant fertilizer. You’ll like it.

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The two I bought are already 6-7 feet and had some lemons( very small) that were starting to grow already….did I buy trees that were already close to mature?
I thought it took a couple of years to get anything?

Thanks for the tips guys.

I’ve started an herb garden using pots. Unlike most of my other gardening efforts, this one seems to be thriving (fingers crossed).

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Grew a papaya tree and it died with the cold. Want an avocado tree but i can only get it to grow inside the house. Once i put it outside it burns. Neighbor had grapefruits and they died during the freeze last year. Anyone have tips on growing fruit?

i planted one for my wife at the old house after 2 years it was about 6 foot and produced huge grapefruit size lemons that are sweet if you let them yellow on the tree until december
we got over 100 ……just before the freeze we got 300 from a 9 foot tree
it died to to the ground but came back from the roots post deep freeze


Grew some watermelons last year, but over planted and didn’t thin them out enough. We got a number of watermelons but most were small. Also planted several varieties, so they cross bred. We’ll see if we do better this year with a single variety, and only a few plants.

Planted vegetables for the first time this year. Definitely a learning process. Big problem with cutworms killing seedlings. Wiped out our okra, except for one plant, and wiped out bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. I guess the lesson learned is to start the seeds off indoors and transplant when they get big enough to be safe from worms. Cucumbers seem to be immune to everything.

Also learned that I planted radishes too late. Apparently it was too hot, didn’t get any “bulbs”, just long skinny radishes (less than the diameter of a pencil). Had the right flavor, wrong shape.

The nursery I got it from said to keep it potted for at least a couple of years because it will not do well in the cold or heat…… have to be able to move in and out….

We have 3 citrus trees in our Sonoran Desert back yard.

They are doing well and are bearing fruit this year.

All non-cactus plants are on a drip irrigation system run off a timer. Works great.

One of the trees is a Meyer Lemon. The other 2 are Lime Trees. All are 3 years old. Grapefruit and Orange Trees also grow well in the desert.

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If a tree is mature, it will survive a normal freeze. If we get another bad one, the tree will die back. The key is to cover the base in soil above the graft line. If not, the tree will come back but it will be the root of the graft usually sour orange.

I have a small Meyer lemon I planted directly into the soil. It is thriving. I also have new grapefruit and lime trees as I lost my others in the freeze. I also have a dwarf peach that I never expect to see a peach but I like how it looks. My neighbor is begging me to take a fig transplant but I’m having a hard time where to plant it.

Herbs are pretty easy. I have oregano, basil, cilantro, thyme, dill in various states. My oregano and thyme are 4 years old

I used to have a little house/cabin on Lake Sam Rayburn that had a couple of huge mature pear trees on property. I always wanted to try the damn pears but they were all half eaten by the squirrels.

I have a Meyer improved lemon that I planted about year and a half ago. It has certainly grown, but hasn’t produced any fruit yet. Any suggestions?

Give it time. Fruit trees start producing a little in year 3 and go big about year 5

If you’re constipated, the pears will work wonders. Otherwise, try making wine with them.

Well, I wish I still had the place. It was something I bought with my parents and sister. After a while it became a real hassle, It felt like every time me and my wife wanted to change something it became a long and drawn out process because everyone had their opinion on the matter, even when we were the ones paying for the entire project. Something as simple as paint color required months of decision making. We owned it for like 5 years and then sold it. Lesson learned, don’t split houses with other folks.

Heard on Garden Line you can not grow the Haas avocado tree in Houston are. Too sensitive to the ocasional cool temps.
You CAN grow the Mexican thin skin avocado. It has the thin shiny green peel.
Creamy and delicious, it is a little more hardy for this climate.

Hope I got that right.

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