“Get off my lawn”

Ok this is my old person “get off my lawn” post.

But I thought the music selection and timing of the music was horrible Thursday night. I think our resident DJ needs to play to the audience not to his own particular tastes. A combination of music and the band is ok. Really bad music blaring constantly and virtually no band music is not ok.

Also the in stadium roving announcer was sub par. She needs to step up her game. Her voice and presentation skills were not P5 level.

To our new marketing director…well … I will just say he has to be better and he can be better. As a college football coach said to me while I was in high school “son you are going to have to get a whole lot bigger if you are going to remain that slow”.


Totally agree. The DJ music blaring was an insult to the ears. Just relentless. Could not STAND IT!! Why do we have a band? Let the Spirit of Houston play. And yes, the roving reporter’s voice was so shrill. Very annoying. If this environment continues, I may have to just stay home.


For the record, I agree with the OP. That said, statements like this are why we are on the outside looking in.

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They do sell ear plugs at sporting goods stores if you need to tone down the noise level.


Is a little Led Zeplin and ZZ Top asking too much. We are an institution of higher learning where we expose young people to the greatest works of man.


Agree, the AD needs to step in on this. We need to see the band more and much less of this constant blaring piped music that keeps going on and on and on after every single play . It’s deeply nauseating.Students get more engaged when the band plays . It’s not surprising almost all left at half time.
An email will probably just end up in his junk folder, is there anyone who can directly communicate this concern to whoever can make a change.


yeah good luck with that. its a reason why the dj (who also dj’s at the rockets game) is in the student section. its to cater to the students. football and basketball is more urban and therefore mainstream hip hop and r and b songs are played in the stadium. sorry but its the truth.

also the spirit of houston band is boring when they play unless they play womp womp and neck and even that gets old during the games.

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I thought it was all good. I like seeing the youngsters having a great time. Keeps em coming back. The Journey sing along was okay but I like Ozzy too.

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Led Zeppelin? ZZ Top? This isn’t 1975


The only time I’ve noticed the DJ is when they put him on the screen in the 4th Q for the Journey sing along.

And I actually enjoy that, but I’m a guy that will generally stop to belt out any Journey power ballad. As well as Steve Perry solo work. And I do it properly, with air mic in hand.


Only other time I remember noticing the DJ was during the Arizona game when he was scratching over some classic r&b that really didn’t need the DJ’s “help”. But we were winning so I let it slide.

It is to us. You’ll be there before you know it.

How can you say the band itself is boring? They are never allowed to play and stretch themselves. There is no reason to learn and practice songs that you will never get to play. When I was in the band, we easily had 30 or more songs that we could play at a moments notice.

These days, the band is limited to playing the SSB, Alma Mater, Eat Em Up, Womp Womp, and the pregame program. Sure the selection can get be boring… The band is prohibited from playing most of the time. It adds to the stale, dead environment that many of us are complaining about.

It was a breath of fresh air at the TSU game when both bands got into a miniature battle of the bands during the power outage.

Someone needs to sit down with our new programming guy and tell him that this is not the Rockets or Texans-- this is a college game and the programming parameters have to be different than a pro atmosphere.


they can choose to play more songs during timeouts. they play more songs at the bball games than the football games. idk, spirit of houston band is just not my cup of tea.

Just to show you how much the administration supports the band–

The Marching Band director is a part-time director. And the salary is an embarrassment for even a minor college program. I’ve looked the salaries up, so I am aware what is being paid. We are too cheap to pay someone a full professorship or full-time fully paid competitive salary. Yet this director is expected to rehearse, plan, and appear with the Band, Cougar Brass (for all the different sports), rodeo parade, and other community events throughout the year. Add to it the administrative and personal issues of the members that are addressed, and recruiting (Yes, recruiting) responsibilities, and it is a wonder that we can put a decent band on the field and in the stands.

Average to middling High school band directors make more money than our director does.


also your last point is the point i was kind of trying to make. its a college environment. the songs cater to the students not the alumni and older fans like ourselves.

No. They are not allowed to play whenever they want. The whole game is programmed.

DJ is def for the students AND visiting recruits. Just look at who’s dancing during the breaks. I’m cool with whatever gets a new wave coogs in the stands. When I see everyone else jumping and dancing to ozzy or whatever else classic rock, then i’ll Change my tune along with it, but I see way less people dance to rock.

Maybe they can play music based on how many students are in the stands. 1st half is mostly new stuff and 2nd half is mostly Neil Diamond and Sinatra?


I don’t have a problem with the DJ. It is all the other stuff-- promos, announcements, stupid fake hot dog contests, sandwich races, and “new traditions” (which fail) that detract from the atmosphere and kill the vibe.