Give one name and one sentence of support for new AD

I’m going with Dickey at Boise. Knows the town. Texas guy. Works well in fundraising. Would walk into Big 12 with relationships at other schools, the league office and is a fine Christian man.

Bryan Blair is AD at Toledo. Was at Rice as Senior associate AD and then was #2 man at Washington State. Played ball in college.

A sleeper name…Clay Harris. Was head of corporate relations at UH and then A&M and is now Deputy AD for Revenue generation at LSU.


Oliver Luck.

He has lots of experience with sports marketing, both in Houston, and nationally, and experience in major college and professional football.


Clay sounds like a viable candidate. We will see .
Go Coogs !


Oliver Luck would be excellent. He has Houston ties and experience as AD. That being said, I doubt he would have any interest. Outside the box candidate: Jeff Luhnow

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Being at Rice and UH in the past isn’t exactly a home run resume to me. Let’s get a new and fresh perspective in here.


Although it’s unlikely, I would at least ask Luhnow to see what he thought about the idea.


Poach one from a school that has the nil stuff down.


Dickey. He was very personable while at UH and has been solid at Boise.

NIL is only as good as the alumni who want to donate and it ain’t benefiting the school directly as then your diverting resources to other places

We begged for P5 and now we gotta pay these guys like their employees now you gotta do even more soul searching

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My top choice would be the person who is responsible for getting all the corporate sponsorships at the HLS&R.
Local, Rolodex and Outside the Box.



Amber Burda is the Chief Revenue Officer for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. In this critical leadership role, Burda is responsible for driving the organization’s revenue growth by overseeing ticketing, corporate and business partnerships, and official sponsors. By leading and managing the sponsorship and ticketing departments, she collaborates closely with the marketing, mission, and strategic planning divisions to foster alignment and develop comprehensive plans that ensure the organization’s short-term and long-term success.

In January 2017, Burda was named the executive director of sponsorships, business, and corporate development. During this time, Burda led a team who create, design, develop, negotiate, and execute all official Rodeo sponsorships. Burda and team have the privilege of working with local, national, and international organizations to forge lasting partnerships and surpass top objectives. Her exceptional leadership and expertise resulted in a 48% increase from 2017 to 2023.

Prior to joining the Rodeo, Burda served as director of multi-channel sales planning with Houston-based retailer, Mattress Firm, Inc. There, she spent over six years managing and cultivating relationships with more than 300 events nationwide. Under her guidance, Mattress Firm became one of the top supporting sponsors across the event industry.

She graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality administration. Burda and her husband, Greg, live in Santa Fe, Texas, with their 9-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter.

  1. Oliver Luck

I say no to just about everybody mentioned. Burda would be a possible look if interested. It is a whole new world and I believe a lot of the current ADs are going to find out that if they cannot change with the times and/or, hire good people with the right skill sets to navigate in this new world, they will be in Pezman’s position as well.

As someone else mentioned, I would talk with Yormark and get his thoughts and see if he could recommend some people. We need someone who can engage the rest of the city, to drive the importance of supporting this school that carries the city’s name proudly and represents it both academically and athletically. We need someone who can find a way to connect businesses in the city to the university such that there is a benefit for all. I know there is a way, we just need someone who can find that path and lead us down it.

In addition, us alumni who are supportive of the school, need to understand to survive and excel in this changing world will require us to be open to change as well. I told a friend the other day, if putting advertising on anything and everything generates revenues to support I am for it. If the football wants to wear green tutus and pink slippers and it comes with wins and conference championships, I will be there to support them.

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Sign her up !
Go Coogs !

Who ever can bring in the most money



Zac Selmon, current AD at Mississippi State.

Learned under one of the best ADs in the country, Joe Castiglione, at OU, is young, dynamic, and has risen quickly through the ranks to become an AD in the SEC at just 38 years old, and, maybe most importantly, is extremely close with all of the Sampson family.


I agree that contacting commish BY and hearing who he thinks would be a great AD for us is a very good idea. I hope RK and our board will do that. Maybe its already been done. I am sure the board has a candidate in mind that fills what our school needs.

Farce of a list - there are people who have done more with way less as UH would be a massive upgrade - a P4 guy or gal from sec would come in complaining about what they don’t have

We should look for a woman.

Kelvin Sampson. AD and head coach until he decides to transition to AD and let Kellen fully take over.

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