Good guy with gun

I’m betting on July 30 there will be more than 0.
I’ll bet you $500.00.

Are you game ?

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Its a political stunt dont you agree?

Were you a defensive back in football? Because you sure know how to back pedal.


It will get some of the guns off of the street , which is
a good thing. It will not make a measurable dent in America’s gun problem until assault type weapon access is much better regulated. The county is getting in on the event too, and they have several millions of dollars to spend on the program. $200 for semi auto
assault weapon turn in.

So I’m willing to double the bet if you are okay with
your zero returns claim.

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They will get a bunch of broken guns that don’t work

Jesus, this tweet is going to make me agree with first, those amounts make this little more than a nice gesture. You can’t reasonably expect folks to at least en masse turn guns in at those numbers.

I mean it’d be nice to have a great turnout, but that’s not realistic.

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I would imagine they could get more in the street. I would pay more than $200 for a modern sporting rifle

Obviously, but that’s all voluntary gun buybacks. It’s more about an appeal to the conscience, but at these amounts for the functioning weapons it’s asking for an awful lot of conscience.

Yeah, I wouldn’t expect someone to bring in a fully functional AR15/AK47 at those payouts. But you never know.

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Here is the thing, a lot of people purchased these semi-auto assault weapons out of fear, used
it a few times and realized it’s not a fun hobby , and put them away for months and years never
touching them again.
Now I don’t know what a pawn shop would give you for one, but I’m pretty sure the turn in
will be greater than zero. But I’ll make a wager with anyone that says it will be zero.

It’s better to have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it

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What about this dude, That’s my baby, 1904 enfield. Stock is from 1960 though :frowning: Shoots a British 303.

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The flyer for the buyback states “no questions asked” which is exactly what you would want to convey to appeal to people who acquired their guns without paying for them.

I want to get in on yalls wager too, with a twist, although theres no real way to know this, but, I bet a nonzero amount of guns will be exchanged at this event that as of right now havent even been stolen yet.

Cabelas buys used guns

Nice. I have a 1916 Enfield. Except has wood covering to the tip of the barrel. Also provisions for bayonet attach. Don’t have the bayonet, though.

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Collectors firearms has alot of classic guns. If you haven’t visited, you should.

How did this thread keep going after this post.

Oh yea…the ‘non-political poster’ who started it and those like him aren’t capable of seeing anything they don’t already believe.


I wish I still had the original stock on it but that is how I got it. I feel it would have that old gun feel and look. My wife’s dad had a old musket that he still fired, i think it was a 50 cal. They lived out in the country and so one day I asked if I could fire it and he said that I could but the thing would either take my shoulder off or throw me back into the wall. Her dad was a big country boy so I took his word for it and just declined.

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That’s a cool link on gun violence. Thanks.

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