Great Players (1984-2013)

I’ve heard a lot of proper acknowledgement of players that laid the foundation of where we are today; Chicken Knowles, Devonta Pollard, Galen Robinson, Rob Gray, Damyean Dotson, Armoni Brooks, Corey Davis Jr. and on.

And I’ve seen the excitement of past greats like Olajuwon and Hayes regarding this run.

Other than Bo Outlaw, I haven’t seen many players mentioned from the “drought years”.

The star on campus during my time on campus was Andre Owens. Owens was from Indy. He came out of HS as a top recruit and went to Bloomington. The next year’s offseason (2002), he transferred to Houston to join head coach Ray McCallum’s team in what would be McCallum’s last two of four total seasons (McCallum is currently an assistant at Tulane).

Owens was talented. He was a joy to watch and spent a few years in the NBA, Europe and most recently the BIG3 league.

Anyone else have some lost UH star players to highlight?

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Tim Moore one of our best talents of all time.


Lanny Smith loved the program and was a good guard


The top guys from my time at Houston were:

Rob “Fluff” McKiver
Aubrey Coleman
Dion Dowell (my old HS teammate)
Kelvin Lewis
Oliver Lafayette

Interesting, every single one is a transfer


Tim Moore is the best post Foster. Averaged 20 points and almost 11 rebounds his 2nd year here. Just unbelievable talent. If he played for this Sampson team and IF he bought in (big if) he is 100% a first team all-American, no doubt in my mind.


We had good players during our dark years. But everyone was living in the Phi Slama Jama past and we were hoping for the next Clyde and Akeem.

Sampson was the first to just focus on winning instead of offensive style points.

FYI…Tim Moore, Jr. plays for Paris JUCO. 6’-6" post. Played SG at Madison HS, Houston.

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Funny, I was just going to start a similar thread: “Name your favorite UH players 1984-Sampson.”

I would say:

Lanny Smith
Sam Mack
Tim Moore
Bo Outlaw
Anthony Goldwire
Darrell Mickens
Aubrey Coleman
Fluff McKiver
Patrick Okafor
Dominique Smith


All those guys and I’d add Jamar Thorpe and Ramon Dyer.


I would also add George Williams and Alton Ford. Two Houston kids who tried to turn the program around.


some names not mentioned here already

  • Rickie Winslow (was likely the most touted player coming into UH ever)- a double double machine here
  • Carl Herrera - transferred here for 1 year did 17pts 10rbs and got drafted (8 year nba career)
  • Sam Mack- another1 year transfer than came in and did work (10 year nba career)

these guys wont get any credit from our fans but they were actually very good here but transferred out
tashawn thomas
joe young
danuel house

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A lot of my favorite players were when I was a student trainer at U of H and earlier Otis Birdsong, Louis Dunbar, George Walker, Steve Newsome, George Reynolds,Carlos Bell,Ken Spain,Dwight Davis!


Rob Williams

I say no on Williams and A. Ford

Starting with Foster there are a lot of players I really liked then it went quiet for a bit of a lengthy stretch

Starting with PSJ holdovers
Greg Anderson
Ricky Winslow

Rolando Ferreira (sp?)
Bo Outlaw
Anthony Goldwire
Craig Upchurch
Carl Herrera
Sam Mack
Richard Hollis
David Diaz
Horace Chaney
Derrick Daniels
Byron Smith
Tim Moore
Damon Jones
Kirk Ford
Kenya Capers
Louis Truscott
Aubrey Coleman
Andre Owens
Robert McHiver
Ramon Dyer
Dominic Smith
Lanny Smith
Kelvin Lewis
Jahmar Thorpe
Brian Latham
Oliver Layette

Dameyon Dotson
Devonte Pollard
Rob Gray
Galen Robinson
Corey Davis
Nate Hinton
Armoni Brooks
Devin Davis
Chris Harris
2020-21 FINAL FOUR squad

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one more I would add is Louis Truscott.

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Good one Chris!
Added him to my list.

Chicken Knowles? I don’t remember getting too much out of him.

Added Owens to the list

I loved Fluff and Aubrey Coleman. Those guys could fill it up.

Jonathan Simmons and Percy Miller

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