Great UH recruiting visit video

I didn’t see this posted anywhere on this board, so if it is already feel free to delete.

This is from Jared McCain’s (2023 recruit) YouTube channel on his visit to Houston a few weeks ago. The attention to detail on this visit is very impressive. These are great video’s that showcase our basketball program and city. Enjoy if you haven’t already.

First Video

Part 2 Video

Scroll down a little further

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He also posted his visit with Louisville. UH blew Louisville out of the water. This kid was grinning ear to ear at UH and at Louisville, he was just bleh.

Yes, there was a BIG DIFFERENCE between our recruiting visit and Louisville’s.

Pretty sure Louisville did not bust out the Sour Patch Kids….+1 us

I really like the kid and his personality. I hope I get to cheer him on as a Cooog!

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He said the visit was a 10 out of 10.

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Really cool video! Great idea having the recruits staying at the Post Oak hotel!!!

Man, arriving at the campus and seeing that final four sign, Jordan logo , brand new facilities, man how far this program has gone on the past few years is insane.

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Has anyone started tracking flight information on Walker yet? :wink:


The Jordan Brand is a huge Boon to our recruiting efforts. Michael Jordan is still the most popular athlete in basketball and possibly in all of sports. Recruits want to be associated with Jordan