Inside look at official visit

An official visit video by Jared McCain. Rated no.23 shooting guard from the class of 2023. Cool inside look at what happens when these young men come in.

Link: What official visits are really like…University of Houston basketball- Jared Mccain Ep.2 Pt1 - YouTube


Already posted in the class of 2023 thread…


I want to be courted. Wow. What hotel is that? Whoever was in charge of the hotel room did amazing work, so many personal touches
Love that wall with alltime UH draft picks

That’s Tillman’s hotel. Cool video. Thanks for sharing

That beats the heck out of my UH freshman orientation back in '74. Didn’t even get a Snickers bar … smh.


Hope he got permission for that. Not sure how I would feel about putting our recruiting stuff out there. Lose some of the element of surprise with other recruits and will probably get some copycats from other schools. You didn’t see that level of personal touches in the Louisville vid.


Nothing new, every school does something in a similar fashion, huge difference is that we do it in a 5 star hotel.

Yeah, I was thinking this too.

This kid playing on espnu now if interested

Part 2


Wait, he said they were showing him where his dorm room will be. They showed him University Lofts where juniors and 21 and older are housed. Those are very nice rooms but I guess being a 5 star athlete has its privileges.


Man, campus is SO much nicer now than it was when I was there. I kind of want to go back to college now!


But where was that BBQ from though? That what I really wanna know… :rofl: :joy:

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athletics get priority / blocks of rooms wherever they want.

was like that when I was there in the early 2000’s as well.

So once he commits are his vlog days over?

Seems like a nice kid, but vlogging & tiktok videos, I’m not a huge fan of.

But I’m also not a 5 star recruit and make money doing that stuff


Not if he wants that NIL $$

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Guys, I dunno about ya’ll but this has me pretty pumped. Seeing the Big 12 logos on those photographs they made for him was awesome. But also, how amazing is it, how far we’ve come in our facilities. They are amazing, and they’re talking about renovating and improving.

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Showing your age haha (I’m 37, and don’t get it either). Honestly, though if it wasn’t for his vlog I probably wouldn’t get to see the inside of the practice facility.

His video has more views than our highlights. I think he just did more promoting for UH than we can do for ourselves.


Yeah, Jared and his girlfriend genuinely seem to appreciate all that makes UH and H-town great. Hope more recruits and people in general check out his vlog.