Greg Abbott: B12 Expansion is a non-starter without UH

This is a huge endorsement.


Wow, this is the type of political power we need. And it means even more coming from a UT grad.
Go Governor! Go Coogs!

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BYU for football only, plus Cincy. We will be left out. Book it. This is our fate. Accept it and be a happier fan.


  1. Political backing
  2. Strong football
  3. Fear of being snatched up by another P5

Things are looking good right now.

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Sounds almost like a threat from the governor

Accept it? how long have you been a fan?

Have coogs ever laid over and accepted it? We have fought and clawed for EVERY win, EVERY bit of respect, everything we have ever accomplished has been because we FOUGHT for it and earned it! EVERY skin we have on the wall has been earned from sacrifice and hard work. We have never been given anything. And that goes from our Athletics to Academics and even in the spirit of our alumni And we all know we have been screwed more than a few times by the “big boys” and politicians and powers that be. We finally have some players standing with us in our corner and this is the first comment you make??

Your pessimistic attitude ain’t welcome! This is something a lot of us have been waiting for for a very long time and we dang sure aint gonna accept being left out once again.

Your username sucks.


um no?

I prefer not to think of Jizz while talking about my alma mater. terrible name.

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Great job by the UH admin, boosters and of course our BOR for laying the foundation the past several years to work the politicos.

If UH gets left out this time, it won’t be because the staff and its political and business allies didn’t give it their all.

Imagine if UH had this level of support and effort in early '90’s . . . the school is a galaxy away from those days.



Yeah, I will always take on more supporters than detractors. You can hate on us and say we don’t belong, but we will make it hard for anyone to deny us. Indeed, the campus, the school, the academics and especially the athletics have changed quite a bit since I graduated in 2004. Proud of the job done by everyone that has paid and/or worked to make these changes. Good time to be a Coog. GO COOGS!


The endorsements are beginning to rack up. Abbott, Fertitta, McCombs, the most Big 12 coaches of any other candidate.

I’m beginning to feel better about this.


Really? Terrible take

Governor Greg Abbott supports UH to the Big 12



Wow! Just wow!

I hate this. Ann Richards steamrolled Baylor in to the Big12. I don’t want everyone believing the only way we (if we do) got in to the B12 was because of Abbott.

I’ll take it.

We have waited in line for almost 30 years!! this is how the world works. You get people with power on your side

At this point, what choice do we have?


Give me a break.

You see the two as equal ???

What difference does it make! :slight_smile:

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Is Abbott a Cougar? No. Completely different situation.

Look up the definition of nepotism. That is the difference. We have worked to earn his respect.

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