Greg Ward Jr. back to the Eagles

Good for him, Go coogs!


Good for him. Bad on the Eagles for ever letting him go.


I feel the only reason Greg hasn’t done anything great for the Eagles is because they never gave him a chance to play in a game! Put that guy in there and they would see just how dynamic he is! Of all the bad drops, bad route running, and bad blocking so many NFL receivers have done on a regular basis, they can’t tell me Greg Ward can’t do at least better than half of them!


It’s really exceedingly difficult to make an NFL team when you are undrafted. Good on Greg for hanging in never getting giving up.


One of the reasons why he left was because of guys like Deandre Carter. Now that Carter is with the Texans, I hope we ship him back! lol It would be a dream come true if GWJr got to play for the Texans. I know for a fact he would never look back!

Bill OBrien is the problem I have with the Texans and why they will never get to the Superbowl.


I don’t wanna high jack Greg’s thread but I will say this… he finally has a QB worth a dime, and maybe they’ll work on the O-Line issues with the draft. I personally haven’t given up on BoB yet.

While Obrien is an arrogant, stubborn, selfish coach who is not a winning coach …the problems with the dysfunction known as the Texans is way bigger than just CBO. We also have:

Bad owners that care more about image and profit than what it actually “takes” to build a Championship team.

HORRIBLE GMs with zero strategic vision for how to build a team. It’s like the Astros and Rockets are playing chess, and the Texans are struggling with learning how to play checkers. I thought Gains would be different but this offseason has been horrible so far. I guess his plan is to start offensive linemen that we just drafted. Forget the fact that its one of the hardest positions to learn. Not like we have a fragile QB to protect or anything…with bruised ribs/ lung issues.

Our fans have to be the stupidest ever. We are 121-151 and these fans pay thousands of dollars each season for literally a below average crap product. The Texans have never even made it to the AFC championship game let alone anything past.

I predict next season is going to be painful to watch…as in 7-9 is the most optimistic view.

And yes, im the guy who predicted the Cougars getting blown out by Army…my score was pretty close. It was very obvious.

Its not hard to see when there is so much confusion with the team on Kirby…but hey, the season tickets are all sold! This should be the last season for Obrien…but…its the Texans so who knows.

Now, I hope the Texans make me eat crow and win the Super Bowl…I really do


I ONLY think people buy those tickets because we dont want another “Oilers Move” situation…

Thread effectively hijacked. :grinning:


Sorry, one last thing about the Texans.

Plus, they botched the name TWICE

  1. they could have a least fought bud Adams to keep the Oilers name, colors, and records…nope…McNair did not fight.

  2. the correct name is TEXIANS. A Texian is a patriotic that fought for the Republic of Texas. There’s a historical connotation that would have made the name unique. A TEXAN is just someone who resides in the state of Texas.


i would have…Cleveland Browns kept name and colors…


You are 1000% right. I’m one of those idiots with season tickets because I love football. It’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I’m an idiot who supports a franchise that celebrates mediocrity. If we don’t buy tickets we get blasted for not supporting the team.

The off season has been a disaster. I was hoping OL would be addressed in free agency. I want to believe they tried to sign the top ones available there just weren’t that many options out there. From what I am reading the draft is pretty weak for OL.

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I thought the same thing about Patrick Edwards…

No, Bud Adams was too petty for them to even have a prayer of keeping the color and name in Houston. There were some photoshopped pics of Hopkins and Watt in Oilers colors and uniforms recently and they asked Bud’s daughter if she would consider letting Houston have the colors and uniforms and she said over my dead body.

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So the hold a grudge against Houston, when it was Deceased Mayor Bob Lanier that didnt want the new stadium??? Plus, didnt they take the original scoreboard down in the Astrodome for Adams???


Honestly, I was hoping that the Redskins would have picked him up. I think it would be an amazing combo once chemistry was formed.

I don’t really see the Texans doing much this year. They have a hard time keeping players healthy and on the field.

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Great opportunity for Greg to make the roster. Keep fighting.

Look, Gaine could still be awful, but if he paid 4 years, $66M for Trent Brown or 4 years, $51M for Ja’Waun James I’d be questioning him a whole lot more right now. Teams don’t let good tackles walk (unless you’re Rick Smith and give one away for pennies). I’m fine with the prove it deal for Kalil and addressing the line in the draft. You don’t rebuild an awful O-line in one offseason, it takes a few and through the draft.