Had enough of Whitting yet?

Considering his recent contract extension, how much more college baseball IRRELEVANCE is UH willing to endure?

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“…recent contract extension…” Hey PEZ! We’ve heard this song before! It didn’t go well…

Been tired of this crap for 6 years. Cougar welfare.


The season’s barely started, and what is it now…losing streak of 3 in a row?

Similar that AD sets up the easiest possible schedule then extends knowing that.
At least Dana was good vs easiest schedule in school history. (2022)
Coaching friendly buyout was the dumbass part.

Whit was flat out bad vs a joke OOC.
Didn’t win until a bottoming out AAC gave some hope.
As Pollard mentioned. Buyout is easy.

Still AD negligence to (probably) throw away another season on a washed up HC.


I’ve told you that Whitting will retire here. And Hughey will get fired by the next AD. Pez will take credit for the FOB and move on to be AD at Kentucky or North Carolina State. And the beat goes on.

Funk in the 281

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Btw the b12 doesn’t seem as good this year as in years past. Baylor 2-7.

We could fight for 10th place and a .500 record if all the stars align. That would warrant another extension under the “b12 is tough” theory.



Just checking in as the Big 12 losing streak reaches 11 games…

B12 has been great. Big crowds and some good baseball.
UH part…not so much.
Come back next season if you cant watch bad UH Baseball.
All this staff now for what ? Set up as an excuse to bring him back ?

25 left.
Over .500 is the hope.
Cant blow 3+ run leads 2 of every 3.

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That extension was an empty gesture….the buyout is next to nothing.

It was merely for recruiting….if the team did well this year TW could build on it without having to explain why he was on the last year( or one year ) contract.

If not, which is what is happening then he can be let go easily.

Who would be on the short list if Pez gets some guts and pulls the plug ?

Whitting isn’t washed out, he has always been terrible here! I think this is his 15th season! My God, how can the admin put up with such a terrible coach for so long! The same goes for Hughey!

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I think most on this board would be happy with Sean Allen.

I personally think he would be a monster recruiter and great get for UH.

He is the Associate Head Coach at Ohio State right now……he was scapegoated out at UT a year after being named the National Assistant Coach of the Year.
And this would no doubt be his dream job and I think he would put in crazy outs to get us to the CWS.

Baseball is not like Basketball when it comes to coaching hires….much more regionalized rather than national when bringing someone new in….you most likely bring in a guy with Texas coaching ties….though if you were blown away by someone with no ties you might pull the trigger.

I think Allen is way more qualified than Woody, who some will want.( unless he’s bringing Drabek in to be pitching coach):thinking:


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner…Sean Allen would kill it here…if given the opportunity


The thread title is “had enough of Whitting yet”?

I had enough of him three seasons ago. It was VERY obvious the direction the program was going in was in the ditch.

This incredible program is now HORRIBLE and it should’ve NEVER got to this point. There’s more D1 prospects in the Greater Houston area then anywhere else in the country which makes it even more disheartening where things are now.

I had season tickets for years and have SO many awesome memories of this program and it’s a shame that its got to the point that I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!!

I don’t check the scores.
I don’t care how they’re doing.
I will not go to a game.

If the powers that be don’t give a d@mn about the program why should I?

I know a ton of kids who play high school baseball and NONE of them have any interest in UH.

When they get rid of Whitting I’ll renew my season tickets and start supporting the program again.


Agree, time for a change. Will renew my tix when we have a winner.

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Sean Allen and David Pierce (assuming he gets let go) will be the top 2 candidates I’m guessing.

I don’t care for Pierce.

I’d rather see Sean get an opportunity.


Give me Allen every day and twice on Sunday over Pierce!