Had enough of Whitting yet?

From greyrider post - Plus, we should ask ourselves why PEZ extended 2 below average coaches- CDH and Whitting.

IMO Pez did not act alone on extending CDH. Maybe he did on Whitting (who knows?). Maybe he suggested the CDH extension to RK and TF, but they and probably the Board of Regents had the final say.

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Pez is the executive over an entire department of the university. The BOD isn’t going to sit around thinking about things to do in sports. Running the department is his responsibility and his advisement on contractual matters is why he gets paid.
Now, could they have overruled him? Possibly. Imo it’s this “lets stay steady our first year in the B12” mentality that has sunk women’s bb, baseball, softball, and damn near football.


Picking up the local paper to gauge interest in sports isn’t a good idea. It’s not 2005 anymore. No one reads the paper.


I listened to the interview with the UT WBB coach during the astros game, I thought, man can he coach the coogs baseball team? He said exactly that, they invest in those programs across the board

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How would you gauge interest in sports?
About 1/3 of my block still gets the paper. It was probably close to 100% 30 years ago.

Your block is probably an outlier.

True. Very few mow their own yard.

Do they mow their neighbors’ yards? :slightly_smiling_face:

High schoolers and their parents still love to see their teams and athletes on a printed page.

That would be interesting but no. :slight_smile:

A few get WSJ and even fewer (three) get NYT.

Can we direct everyone’s attention back to the black hole of a baseball program?


Both are fake news! Shoot, all medias in the US these days are fake news! Unless they talk about plane crashes, natural disasters, and other natural phenomenons. But even accidents, like plane crashes and train derailments, could be loaded with fake news when it comes to who is responsible and what are underlining causes of them.

Everything in the media within the US these days is designed to shape people’s minds rather than to tell the truth! That’s what got us in so much troubles! You get a hell of lot more truth from independent journalists that make their money strictly from small donations from average Joes and Janes who are tired of being lied to by their government and the mainstream media than by watching Fox News and CNN or reading the NYT or WSJ! Propaganda garbage is what they all are!

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If Pez will find a top notch, hungry coach I will subscribe to the Comical in Bob’s name…and actually read that #% with a straight face…even the mindless editorial nuisance stuff.


That word “if” could be a concern…

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Whitting has grabbed three top notch players from Blinn for fall 2024 and spring 2025. These guys can play. Two originally from Aggies that are playing with chips on the shoulders and been playing in a tough Juco region. Hopefully they don’t go and get drafted this summer and end up on UH baseball field !

I think there will be a much better grade of baseball now coming to UH and the program will be on the rise

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The problem is the coaching. Fire CTW now.


Not unless the staff is replaced.

If these unnamed guys are what you say they are that’s great.
I hope they chose UH for the school/program and not the coach….if they choose to go elsewhere if Whitting is fired( which he 100% should be) then best of luck to them.

Any AD that keeps a coach because “ he has three top notch players coming in” should be fired as well.