Haven @ Elgin

What do you think?


Student Housing, High-Rise, Multi-family Apartments, 649 Beds, 3701 Elgin between McDonalds and Scott St.

A non-descript church was built on the lot in 1994.

Do we have a lack of student housing? Certainly not many less expensive off campus options within walking or biking distance. Not sure how much less expensive this would be vs on campus or how much nicer.

That’s a nice looking tower. Is it actually being built
or is in the potential development stages ?

Sorry I have no idea how full our on campus dorms are;if there are waiting lists, cost vs private apts, etc…

From google earth, it looks like it would be next to
The Icon.

Funding seems close to complete. Originally slated for August 2022 move in but due to Covid, etc it may have pushed back to 2023. It’s where that white cathedral church was.

If this is new, how much on campus room do we have after this is done? 9 or 10k?

Here is an existing thread about the Haven at Elgin but the design has changed since then. Number of on/off campus rooms are listed in the thread.


The threshold we need is 25% of students living on campus then we’re a true residential campus.Plus we’re a big school with 47k so 25% of our students on campus can equal close to half the pop. of many true residential campuses. We’re getting closer all the time.The univ of Mississippi only has 23k or so for ex. as of 2019. We just need to make sure these on campus students attend bb and fb so long term, we’re getting better all the time, thanks to RK.

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I love that true scarlet accent on the building. I wish we could get back to our traditional Scarlet and get away from that cherry red.

Thanks Ron1102! A couple years ago when I was visiting UH, the area around Calhoun and 45 wasn’t very appealing. I felt like there needed to be quite a bit more landscaping.

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Are they buying out the neighboring houses as well? That building looks pretty large to only fit in the space where the church was.

Here’s a list of dorm count if that helps

We’d have over 12000 by this count

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Just drove by today and saw the construction. Parking garage is well under way. Not a ton of space, hence why this will be 16 stories and will sky over the softball field.
Exciting news to be adding more beds and students on campus as well as cleaning up that area for the current students already living next door.

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Here’s the latest rendering of it.


I was driving by and noticed the sign. I had been curious to what was being done to that area. I wondered how much could go in a small area so I looked it up and found the article along with a previous thread on Fans.
It’s great news and really will help to continue reshaping Eligin
Looks like the two adjacent vacant lots will be used for surface parking.

There seems to be a couple houses still squeezing into the areas between the two housing projects. Any chance UH is able to take that property over in the next year

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for the right price everyone and every property is expendable