Herman and UH Marketing

Say what you want about how he left us. Herman was an excellent buzz creator. And yes, marketing begins with a winning program. But Dana has no buzz creating skills. Not sure if the sports marketing folks can handle it by themselves.

After the pandemic, we need a concerted effort by everyone in the program to get folks involved. Even the spring practices weren’t even a blip on the radar.


Yep he was a marketing genius that final year! Herman stepped into a dream situation, Holgy not too much


Herman inherited a team that just won 8 games and FIRED the coach, to say expectations were high is an understatement. In addition, he was considered the winning lottery ticket after just winning the Natl Champ at Ohio State. Easy to create “buzz” with that “buzz” that already exists.
Holgy didn’t walk in to such an easy setup.


The Lying Coach stepped into a team full of top talent and several future NFL guys. Period. CDH did not have that luxury. PLEASE give the guy a chance to develop and build depth. This year we will be better and will build on that.


Herman interviewed all the time. Other than that, what did he do to generate buzz? Getting to the Peach bowl created the buzz for the next season. My point is winning is real buzz, nobody cares if Dana is on TV all the time if his team is losing. That is not good buzz.


I still say his impact was overrated and it belittles the people actually working in marketing. Maybe it was fun for diehard fans, but it didn’t show up in the stands until we won like 10 straight. Exhibit A: 7-0 #18 ranked Houston plays Vanderbilt on a Saturday night and only 29k announced attendance. Even the following week for homecoming against Cincy at 8-0, 32k. Same attendance as the 2014 season against a bad Tulane when we were 5-3.

I just don’t think if Dana starts kissing players or re-tiling the floors that it will lead to wins. One thing I guarantee, if we start off 10-0 then we will sell out and be all over the major tv networks even if Dana never does a single interview all year.


The Cincinnati game in 2015, I was there. The weather did suck that day. Pouring rain and kinda cold, could’ve had some impact on low attendance that day

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True and the Vanderbilt game was on Halloween. I remember the threads of people upset about attendance and typical back and forth which excuses are valid. We count tickets sold though so weather only would impact walk up sales but real buzz would have sold that thing out a week before. The Memphis crowd was awesome though, finally got that place filled.


Is there a Tom Herman talk sh*t thread? That guy is a true snake oil salesman. Leaves UH after (2) years. Goes to UT, his 'home" school and loses big game after big game. Now he’s out of college football. Hope he doesn’t get another gig. Guys a phony.

Most of his former UT players weren’t fans of him either. I wonder why? Probably practiced them to death and didn’t get them NFL ready.


We won 33-30. Despite the weather a thrilling game. Cincy QB was Gunner Kiel, the Notre Dame xfer. The guy could sling it but was always getting injured or in Tuberville’s dog house.

We need to a win this Fall against Tech to get some positive early press.

We as supporters and fans need to step it up and stop waiting on others.


Yea I was there n I remember there was a controversial call towards the end of the game. Can’t remember the actual play but it might have been offensive p.i., not sure but Turbeville was livid.

Look, screw Herman, but it’s kind of funny that we’re talking smack about only getting 29k for a game against a trash Vandy squad when we only averaged 25k two seasons ago. Also not that it matters but Halloween games really haven’t been a huge draw for us. That Vandy game was the best attended game we’d had on Halloween since 1970 according to Wikipedia (Tulsa in the Dome).

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Cripes, every year since he left there has been AT LEAST ONE THREAD ON THIS TOPIC. Just leave it, will ya?


Holgo also inherited a team that just won 8 games and fired the coach.


Wait. Dana stepped into the hype of being the first p5 coach poached by one of the little guys. That was buzz we did not take advantage of.

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So far DH has 4 drafted kids that played for him that he walked in with. Herman had 6 drafted while he was coach. Applewhite had 4.

Currently Dana has 6 former players on his teams that are in the NFL and Herman only has 5.

I think you need to look beyond those that ended up playing in the NFL.

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He was not the first p5 coach poached by a little guy.

Technically he was. Cinci took techs when they were in the big East. Other than that I don’t think it ever happened.