I wonder if he sometimes thinks of what might have been if he had stayed at UH. A large paycheck, bide the time, now in the B12. Could have owned the city. Now, I imagine unless you are a Sun Belt or CUSA team, I just don’t see him getting another “big” job anywhere.

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He will. Look at Sark.

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A Chicago Bear this year… so weird

We wonder it too I think. He had the city behind him, had galvanized the fan base, the administration gave him whatever he wanted, and recruits were coming in. He had a good thing going but was greedy. Shame.


That sums it up nicely. :+1:


I don’t understand why anyone cares anymore.

Time for UH fans to move on from Herman.

Starting to sound like spurned lovers.


People must be bored two post about Herman going on today

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It’s crazy there is still talk about him 5 years later. We do need to move on lol

However, I can guarantee any coach or at least most coaches in his position with an offer from UT or high profile school would take it. That’s a big time gig for a college coach despite the difficulties and challenges that come with it. You have to be opportunistic bc those doors don’t open very often. Sucks that he left when he did, but I kind of understand why. Maybe we won’t have that problem in the Big 12 , but time will tell


Judas Herman took the UT silver coins the rest is history


I am sure he wishes he would have stayed he could have been the mayor here lol, what a ride while he was here, beating all those “blue bloods “

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Yeah, I felt the same way. But a part of me can’t blame him. UT had been his dream job.

I believe he actually cared about UH and tried making it a good program while he was here.

I wish he left UH on better terms. He was a straight up jerk.

But that guy got the city behind him no doubt.


The reason Herman is still talked about is he electrified the team and energized the fan base. The guy was a shameless self promoter and he PROMOTED UH like nobody I ever saw. Herman did what it took to put UH on the map. We need to find that energy again…


These are the dumbest threads on the board.

And there are a lot of dumb threads on this board.

Most coaches are mercinaries in nature. And no, they don’t regret leaving jobs. All of them that left UH are wealthy now… Leaving UH gave all of them bigger jobs, more money, and the possibility of a national title.

What’s to regret?

Oh you think the fact that UH was invited to the Big 12 years after they all left will suddenly trigger feelings of regret?

Stop it. Seriously. Just stop.


I think Herman regretted it while at UT

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Seemed like most things he said positive about UH were to promote himself. Also said a lot of negative things about UH early on to promote himself as some genius, hard worker, motivator. I don’t know about any body else, but that story about him changing tile himself because the school wouldn’t get around to it became a joke from people I know that UH was cheap and crappy. No coach that actually cared about the school would have ever let that story get out, let alone put it out himself. He said so many things that made it seem like he was personally responsible for the UH leadership caring more about athletics.


I disagree. Yes most coaches are mercenaries, but even by that logic, staying here would have been better for Herman. How much money did he make from horn job? Like 5 million/year? We could have paid him 4 million for the next 10-15 years. Long term, he would have way more money here. On top of that he disgraced himself at hornville. Here we would be building his statues if he was still here. A guy like Herman is all about pride. Not only that, he captured the pulse of the city like no other. That Louisville game with 43k fans such a sight to behold. The program since then has been declining and lately during the Holgy tenure has been a barren wasteland.

We all want UH to succeed and while he was here Herman was a bigtime winner. Neither parties, UH nor Herman are better off right now.


Who cares


Herman proved he was a low character guy the way he left here.
That ugly side would have shown up here eventually. Plus he wasn’t getting any more Ed Oliver’s. He was very lucky to get Ed after hiring his high school coach and having his brother on campus


Agree with JD.

This entire thread and all like it are based on hindsight bias and are idiotic. Not to mention pointless.

Get over it. Be grateful for where UH is today and keep your eyes on the future.

And stop this clownish nonsense.

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He was recruiting really well, but was selling some false stuff. Could he have sustained it after the Big12 had said no? Not sure

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