Holgorsen Recruiting

I’m not as knowledgeable on the football side as I follow bball more. Can someone tell me if recruiting under Holgorsen is going as expected? Seems like things are pretty slow but maybe that’s just my lack of knowledge.

it was a less than stellar recruiting class this year for sure, on paper at least. that said we’ve got a ton of grad transfers and others that had so sit last year who will make a positive impact immediately this season.

its been a rough start for Holgo. inherited a broken program that was completely mismanaged, the circus with King and now having the entire system shut down b/c of The Rona.

hopefully things pick up steam once they “get back to normal”.


I’m just waiting for year 2 to be done for Holgy, so there will be no more excuses for him! #NotAFan


sad, just sad.


As stated, we have a lot of transfers that sat out last year. A few left the program but I expect a number of them to see significant time on the field this year.

On the offensive side of the ball one player that should see time is a four-star transfer from TCU, Bryson Jackson. He has good size and was heavily recruited out of HS. We also added a speedy JC transfer, Nathaniel Dell, that was recently clocked at 4.3 in the forty. He looks super fast on his highlight reel, and is very shifty and elusive in the mold of Vincent Marshall. We signed an impressive looking freshman RB, Stacey Sneed, an athletic QB and 4 big OL’s, all of which should redshirt.

It’s on the defensive side of the ball that I think we’ll see the biggest impact from last years recruits that sat out as transfers. Again, a few left the program but at least five that sat out last year should see time on the field. One of those kids is 3-star Colorado safety transfer Hasaan Hypolite. He was due to start at CU before transferring and looks really athletic. We also have an all-American CB/return specialist from Troy, Marcus Jones, that looks impressive. I’m really excited about what this kid can do as a return specialist. Plus, we a few more DB’s from P5 programs that will solidify the defensive backfield such as G Owen from Minnesota and a kid from Ok State. This year we added another Juco DB Jayce Rogers plus an immediate transfer in WV safety Jovanni Stewart.

On the d-line we added a good looking JC recruit, Sedrick Williams, that looks the part, and freshman Chidozie Nwankwo. He’ll likely redshirt but he looks like a shorter version of Ed Oliver. He’s a 3-star but was a state champion wrestler. He might be the cream of the crop from this years class.

At LB, we added a JC from CA, D’Anthony Jones, a 6’2” 155 lb bruiser that could see time at DE as well. Another JC signed this year was Malik Rogers.

There are others I’m not mentioning but the above players should see time this year. Most of the new recruits, including a promising athletic-looking QB (Massoud) will likely redshirt.

Oh, I also signed another Australian kicker :slight_smile:


Bryson Jackson is no longer at UH. It seemed like it was a quiet departure.

Thanks for the break down but I know who has signed already. Im more asking what’s been going on so far this cycle? It’s been quiet and it seems last year they had some misses too.


That was a typo. D’Antony Jones is 255, not 155.


Because of the lack of recruiting buy LTH (he recruited some studs, but took the to UT with him) and CMA, Holorsen is having to lean on jucos and transgers to balance out our team so we don’t have all frosh or seniors. He came in to a bare cupboard and the whole thing with King just added to our problems. I think we will be a lot better this year. Recruiting is hard enough when you can get the kids on campus, but as it is, I think he’s doing fine.

For those of you who are “not fans” of CDH, will you give him credit when he turns it all around? I know there are some who make their minds up early and feel like it’s a test of their manhood so they will not change their minds.


Absolutely. I would hope it goes w/o saying we are all wanting only the best for Coogs whether we like/dislike a certain player, coach etc… I’m for one pulling hard for CDH to succeed. But it doesn’t change how I feel about him. Just like I’m probably the ONLY one on here who LIKED CMA, things just didn’t go his way but I think he can coach. I certainly rather have CMA represent a Univ as a person as opposed to CDH. Leave it there. #Character

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Jess, I liked CMA and I liked CTL also. They are both really good people that didn’t have success on the field. Tony was too loyal to bad assistants and it cost him. I think had CMA had more time, he may have had a good career, but he didn’t have that time. Throw in the turmoil created by Ed Oliver and it looked like he lost the team. The Army debacle was probably due to the fact that he and his staff knew he was getting canned and probably the team as well.

Holgorsen had nothing to do with what happened before he got here. I don’t know what you think is wrong with his character, but “judge not lest ye be judged.” I am very happy to have Holgorsen as our coach and I think he will do well and is building a team from a trainwreck he inherited.


Character? Really? What egregious errors has CDH committed? He loves Houston, loves U of H, loves the leadership and has to take over a dumpster fire perhaps worse than what Sampson had to. You don’t like the way he conducts press conferences? Really? If he goes from 4 to 8 wins next season and the press conferences are conducted the same way, do you like him? Does he support U of H? Goes to other sport events. FWIW CMA hit his ceiling and the next several years under him would have been a disaster! I am all for CDH and him taking a significant hit to right the ship. Even so, we were in most games with a depleted team indicating that the team bought in.


Why you getting so defensive NOCOOG? Not one comment was directed towards You! I’m not going to expand on what i don’t care for, you already prob know them. Was the Army game Bad?? Yess!! I will go on record n say CMA would have won more than 4 gms last year if he was in charge and had his coaching staff. So easy to say the new coach took over a Disaster…psshh.
Guess what CDH flew out of WEST VIRGINIA just in time in that dumpster fire he left there. They won like 4-5 gms bec of how bare he left things right?

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Well, Apple Boy was a character !! An invisible one at that !

Probably why he snatched up another HC job so quick…Oh, wait a minute.


I’ll repeat again. I strongly believe CMA would have won more then 4 gms last year. Btw I don’t call any player, coach made up names on here!!

While a lot of guys on this forum are being critical of Holgorsen’s lack of stars in recruiting I think the kids he has signed are very solid players! Much like Tony Levine’s signees, they are better players than their stars indicate!


Was not a big advocate for hiring Holgersen, mostly because of his sideline antics at SMU against Air Force, as an assistant here, but he needs more than two years to get our act together. At least three, then evaluate.


Mike, if memory serves me correctly the Coogs were picked to finish 2nd in West Division in CDH first year. The train wreck started when they got off to a 1-3 start which no one expected. Then the flat tire happen when a certain QB redshirted.
That whole took over dumpster fire, depleted roster, train wreck is being way over blown imo.
King would have played the full season w/ CMA as HC. Then they could have got rid of coach if they wanted to after at least 7 WIN season. #CaseClosed

Yes, but without Briles calling the plays and with the dippy DC, we might not have won 4 games.

Apple Boy wasn’t even a good OC.