Hoping to Come Down for UU - UH FB Game

Stay Downtown. Here are options under 200 that weekend, lots to chose from.

There really isn’t any other option other than the UH Hilton, but there is nothing around it.

Rail, here are the stops. You take the Purple Line to get to UH.


Yeah, the best way to minimize walking is to stay along the downtown train line and take that to the stadium. The Marriott Marquis would be absolutely perfect if you can get a deal, and the Hampton/Homewood is right there, as well. The Downtown Marriott, AC Hotel, Club Quarters and Le Meridien are also very close to a train stop.

Was around downtown Main St. area regularly early this year. The places are nice, but the people … … … … stay away. An embarrassment to this city. Plus you stand a good chance of getting run over by a 15-year old on a scooter.

@Utahrangerone, you’ve come to the right place. You will find UH fans very accommodating on this board.

Checking the UH Hilton Hotel rates for October 25-26, 2024, (Friday and Saturday), one king bed is $234/night or two queen beds is $244/night. The Hilton Americas in downtown Houston for the same dates is $267/night for a king bed, or $276/night for two queen beds.

Not sure what your budget is or if you are a Hilton Honors member, which may get you a better deal. Even if you stay at the Hilton on campus, it is quite a walk to the stadium. If you have mobility issues, my recommendation is to Uber or Lyft to the stadium. You may check with the Utah Alumni Association to see if they have any group rates negotiated with the hotel the team is staying at.

Hope to see you in Houston in the Fall.

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Hill, thanks for that info. Plan on doing a game this season. Want to avoid on campus parking hassles.

Visiting McClain Stadium in Waco is like visiting a new church. They go out of the way to greet and welcome everybody through the gate, especially the visiting fans… its weird and awesome at the same time.

I remember when Drayton first bought the Astros. The ticket takers were told to welcome every fan with something like, “welcome to the Astrodome, please enjoy the game.” It took forever to get in. Lines were super long. That practice didn’t last long.

When I visited the “old church” at Baylor, after UH drubbed them we were prompted to “go back to Houston and do your cocaine”.

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Hilton on campus has it’s own parking garage. Nice walk through campus to the stadium, especially if they block off Cullen on game days.

Fly in Friday afternoon, flyout Sunday. With my limited mobility, I try to stay relatively close to my Downtown SLC apartment neighborhood.

People ask why I don’t drive: Bilateral Foot Neuropathy - the kind where I cant feel the nerves in the skin that deal with pressure and are critical in maintaining balance.
Do YOU want someone who cant feel their feet guessing at pedals? :laughing: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy:


I just looked up their rates. It would be convenient as hell, but YIKES. For someone on VA and SSDI disability that is a wee bit pricy just for somewhere to sleep.

Any other suggestions? I lived in military barracks and college dorms, anda dive apartment when younger, so I aint too picky. Hopefully somewhere no more than a 20 dollar uber ride from the stadium at worst.

Well we outsiders have to take what UH gives us, not a lot of picking and choosing… Still I might be able to work through our Crimson CLub Boosters to finagle something in our allotment that wont leave me in agony!

Yeah I had imagined IAH much further out, but our own SLC is a bit out there, by the lake. I am a Delta Skymiles member, and if I wanted hobby Id have to fly to LAX and Back or to ATL and back… lots of skymiles but not interested in 3 hour layovers at my age!

What is the simplest way to get to like the HOmewood suites right downtown from IAH? Our light rail goes to our airport, but not sure what non-cab/uber options y’all have there.

Yep… I am already eyeing the Hampton Inn, since I just need a bed for 2 nights. Now the issue of how to get back and forth from .to IAH

Thank you for the hospitable attitude! Im narrowing it down to Hampton or Homewood for the 2 nights, and train back and forth.

BONUS: if I ever want to go to a RSL - Dynamo game I now know all I need to about THAT, with the Purple line going right in front of it! Our Light rail is about 4 blocks away (built before we even knew we would have a soccer team let alone have any idea about a stadium),but still veyr doable in reverse planning.

I’d just grab an Uber or see about hiring a driver

Some of the hotels might offer a shuttle ride if you call ahead. I know the Hampton Inn downtown used to provide airport shuttle service.

I’d look into an Air B&B or VRBO. My wife and I find they’re typically much nicer, cleaner and more comfortable than a hotel for a better price.

You can find single rooms all over for less than $100 a night. (May be sharing space with others)

You can rent an apartment room for around $100 in 3rd Ward.

If you want your own house you may pay a little more, but plenty of stuff around UH.


I have WC concourse seats near the elevator more than welcome to sit with me

Definitely Uber/Lyft. Should be about $30-40, which is way cheaper than renting a car and paying probably $25 a night to park at the hotel.

If you’re not in a hurry and are looking for the cheapest option, the Metro 102 bus will take you from the airport to downtown for like $1.25. I’d be surprised if you can make the trip via Uber/Lyft for less than $40.

If you can figure out a way to travel with a small group, the options are a lot more affordable.