Houston #21 in Latest CFP Rankings

New CFP Rankings.

#21 Houston

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God I hope Georgia absolutely obliterates Bama

They are ranked purely because of brand. They’ve had a terrible season


Okie St. poised to make Final Four when Alabama loses to Georgia.


so win and we are in, should jump san diego by beating cinci


How Cinci stays in:

Baylor beats Okie Lite
Georgia beats Bama
Michigan beats Iowa or otherwise.
Cinci beats Houston

Cinci is out if they lose or Okie Lite wins and Bama wins.


Just want the record to show.

New Big 12 has more teams ranked than the Big Ten, ACC, and Pac-12.


This feels like it may be more relevant to Cincinnati than Notre Dame.

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So does the NY6 bowl go the highest ranked G5 champ or highest ranked G5 team? Even if we beat Cincy they may still be say 10 or 11 and we go to 13 or 14. Would that keep us out or is it highest G5 champion?

I am not a fan of the school, don’t like the ranking of a team due to their brand, etc. as much as the next guy but let’s not go overboard on this. 11-1 is a “terrible season”? They are not as dominant as they once were and the SEC is not as strong this season as we are led to believe they are every season but 11-1 with a 3-point loss on the road is not terrible.

Who do you put in the Top 4 if not Bama?

Ok State lost to Iowa St (7-5) on the road
Notre Dame lost to Cincy (respectable) but I don’t want to reward the Irish.
tOSU has two losses (Oregon / Michigan) – sure those are “quality losses” but still two of them
Ole Miss has two losses and one is to terrible Bama.

This is the season that an 8-team playoff would have been fun. You talk about whining and moaning about being left out – you extend to the “top 8” this season and it would be a coin toss on the bottom 4 in that pool.


I have no problem with Alabama being in the top 4, but I think they should be ranked number 4, not number 3.


Highest rated G5 champion gets the birth. If UH wins, even if UC is rated higher, UH would get the bid


Highest ranked G5 champion. If UH beats Cincinnati, UH will jump past San Diego State and get the NY6 bid. Even if Cincinnati is ranked higher than UH after an AAC loss, UH gets the spot.


If Cincinnati wins, and Georgia beats Alabama, then the Bearcats are in the playoff. They might get passed by Oklahoma State, but Notre Dame is idle, and won’t pass them.

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They’ve had some close games but I would stop short of describing their season as terrible even by Alabama standards. Well, wait. They did lose to aggy so maybe.


How is a 4 loss Gaggie team still ranked in Top 25 ?


Quick, name the SEC’s best out of conference win…

There’s a reason virtually the entire league is bowl eligible.


lol…yeah…I dunno about that. You had me until “terrible season”. 11-1 in SEC, close loss on the road to top 20 Aggy.

Simple…because Alabama lost to them.

The committee wants to make sure Bama’s only loss was to a ranked team.

The manipulation is so blantaly obvious that it is sickening.


They barely beat Florida, Arkansas, LSU, and should’ve lost to Auburn

They could very easily be a 4-5 loss team. “A win is a win” isn’t acceptable at Bama. They should be dominating every single game this year except for Georgia

LSU beat the aggies for Christ’s sake

I think Cincy should be in if they win and Alabama loses. I wont discount the committee’s ability to justify Notre Dame jumping them. It may go something like this: “ND is playing much better at the end of the season and they would probably beat UC now, plus with their coach leaving the players have a point to make. While UC will be dealing with rumors of losing their coach or may lose their coach before the invitational begins”

I would be surprised if they used the “13th data point” like they did in 2014 as a justification point.

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