Houston is Chomping at the Bit to Play UT

Houston Is Chomping at the Bit to Play Texas… Lets Make it Happen | Big 12 Expansion | Sam Khan Jr - YouTube

Even the Baylor guy seemed hyped.

But there is no rivalry here, folks. Nothing to see.

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A weekend trip to Austin is already solid but imagine knocking off UT at DKR AND partying the entire weekend.


I’m curious to know if Steve Sarkisian is still the HC for Texas in 2023. If they lay another egg this year, I can see him getting canned.


They should have kept Tom Herman.


Herman was a disaster there with constant turmoil and drama. His BS show could work again after what he did here those players never were going to buy it.

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If we’re in the conference with UT 1 year I’m guessing that the Big12 will give Texas a very unfriendly schedule. For instance going to Houston, OSU, Baylor, Tech type of deal. Just my guess on this


The One thing I disagree with in that video is playing them at NRG. If we play it HAS to be on campus at TDECU. Talk about a hostile environment. That will be the loudest and funnest game ever played at TDECU stadium


If we play UT in Houston - whether it be at TDECU or NRG - the crowd will most likely be split pretty close to 50/50 between UT fans and UH fans (reminiscent of that UH vs OU game at NRG).

And if such a game is played at TDECU, the crowd will not be nearly as loud as it was during the UH vs Louisville game because there will be fewer UH fans in the stands.


Only if UH fans sell their tickets to Longhorn fans


How do you figure that? I would imagine that we currently have about 15,000 season ticket holders and we have a 40,000 seat stadium.

I would estimate that the most season tickets UH has sold within the past 30 years is about 20,000 at the height of the Herman’s “H-Town Takeover” era. So probably 20,000+ mini-plans (including a UT game) or individual game tickets would likely be available to the general public - including UT fans.

That being said, let’s hope that UH sets a new FB season ticket record for our upcoming 2023 UH inaugural Big12 season.

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The season ticket holders aren’t the only UH fans buying tickets. We sold enough to fill up tdecu when we played ou at nrg. We easily outnumber the cow at our stadium.


So…if we got to 20k under Herman…lets say a Big 12 scedule + UT or OU, or both, playing at at TDECU gets us to 30k range. That’s still 3/4 UH + all of the single game tickets will not go to UT fans.

I seriously doubt a whole bunch of Houston area UT fans will buy UH season tickets just for the UT game. This is a bigger game for UH fans than UT fans. They could have had UH in their conference a long time ago if that was really what they wanted.


I think Herman’s thing, like Sumlin, was he needed a QB that was quantifiably better than every QB in the conference. He had that at OSU and he had it here.

We would outnumber UT 4-1 at TDECU. We have a huge head start advantage there. If we played at NRG you’re right. It would be close to 50-50. Where you’re wrong is saying it wouldn’t be that loud. Every game we’ve ever played against UT was loud. We bring out the worst in them. And our side gets crazy way before kickoff.

Don’t play at NRG. The long and short-term benefits of beating UT at our place outweigh the short-term benefits of getting a paycheck. A win here pays benefits for years and probably buys you sellouts for the next 8-10 games off buzz alone. Our long-term goal should always be growing STH first.

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Kurtz has mentioned more than once how great it would be to force Texas to come to Houston, and suggested that the conference could go for it. As a K-State guy, that’s the kind of support we need since it might come at their expense.

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It would be the only time that every B12 mrmber was rooting for us.


In the slim chance that we do ply ‘em at home, UT will demand NRG. But they won’t have the balls to play us; they’ll play the too much to lose nothing to gain card.

Only way it’s at NRG is politics gets involved and folks try to buy us out seeing they want to make more money - only issue is there will be demand and if you can cash in where students sit do you make part of that a paid area

The benefits of winning on campus will affect season tickets for a decade. And will probably drive student tickets into the stratosphere.


Balls won’t matter. The existing big 12 members will take up all the existing slots to play OU and UT for the next two years. The new members, including UH, won’t get to partake in those gate receipts and concession sales.

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