Houston sports talk shows

This is an off-the-wall question that I’m just curious about. Do these sports talk shows ever take calls from listeners? When I’m listening to In the Loop or Stoerner and Hughley, I never hear any callers. Maybe I’m just not listening at the right times.

I used to occasionally listen to 610 in the morning. It’s all talk with no call in.

Because they only minimally discuss UH, and mostly cover Houston Pro sports, I don’t listen to it much any more.


All of the shows on 790 take calls….most calls are super lame.

Either guys that want to kiss the host(s) butts or people that don’t know sh*t about sports.


These guys on 610 will talk about topics unrelated to sports. Favorite BBQ meats, fast food joints, etc. My guess is to fill time. I did hear Hughely give out the call-in number the other day. I haven’t heard an actual caller in a long time. Maybe there’s a reason for that. Ha


AM radio is difficult to listen to. John and Lance are okay, but I hardly have time to listen to it.


610 has a text line and occasionally will read text on air.

I stopped listening to Houston sports talk radio a long time ago … I simply became exhausted with the hosts that had to go negative on everything - obviously particular to UH but even beyond that… and dismissive - these guys are ‘sports radio talk show host’ - but then get on air and act like 95% of the subjects / discussion are beneath them… It gets kind of old limiting the show and convo exclusively to Texans, Astros, Rockets and college that revolves around UT and ATM… and then even on those topics - trashing everything and everybody - these guys give “mansplaining” its bad reputation :slight_smile:


Dan Patrick (the one in Texas) used to have the very best line up I heard anywhere in the country from Coast to Coast. John O’Reilly was my favorite, Ed Fowler, Fran and the others guys from the Chronicle were awesome back in the mid 80’s. I used to call in and the Dan’s phone screener was none other than matt thomas. Call screener was a good gig for him. He never came close to the line up he used to work for.


I haven’t listened to 610 in a few months, but when I did it definitely felt like they just quit taking calls. They’d read text messages occasionally. I don’t even know what Larry in Stafford thinks about the Houston sports situation these days.


It goes to show that this city is a pro sports town first.

I’m honestly shocked Nick Wright is still on TV @ FS1
He used to have a show on 610


Not a bad gig if you can get it. Just sit around talking sports with several commercial breaks mixed in. I always liked Charlie Pallilo because he at least kept it real. Most of the guys on now are too soft.

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Of course Charlie was an idiot who bashed UH constantly, even when 790 was the official broadcast station of the Coogs. Discouraging money out of own his pockets.

I mean, I like Charlie but that was really dumb on his part.


I remember send him an email regarding this and he responded by saying I was “too touchy” or something to that effect. Charlie will usually respond on Twitter too. I like that about him.

I do not listen much anymore. The lack of calls is a major reason. Astro Talk after Astros games is pretty good because of the immediate interaction with fans. Otherwise, click.

Listen to Sports 365. It’s a daily Big 12 / college sports specific radio show out of Waco

Very well done… better than our local shows.

They don’t take calls because they get so many great guest interviews

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He calls into 790 and the Texans post game on 610.

Apparently hes also a UH alum.

Is he on this forum?

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And hiring the ex-player to learn on the job concept is getting annoying also cause they known everything :roll_eyes:

They want you to text so they can talk more lol and then they have the nerves to do podcasts so they spill even more junk out

The program directors in this city suck - they follow the same old bland script

The “Larry in Stafford” guy is an idiot.

Just call, give your points of view, and hang up unless asked for response……all of his extra non-sense is


I think if he were on this sight we would know….lol

I will say I enjoy Sean Salisbury….he does a really good job.