Houston sports talk shows

I try to listen. As soon as I hear Matt’s Good Morning Strippers I turn it. It is a worn out routine. Don’t dislike the guy but he is extremely hollow when it comes to taking calls and giving feedback

So anyway, I try to turn it to 610 and there’s Lopez who has been the weak link every station he has been.

Then there’s the knowitall former football player who always wants to press on the audience that he is smarter than the TMs and belittles his cohost Gordy.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Blowpez was behind getting Landry canned. He hits me like a snake in the grass.

I happened to turn on Sports Radio 610 around 1:00 PM today and hear Lopez and Kalu. I thought Kalu was on 790. When did Kalu move over on the dial?

It shows you how much I listen to local sports radio.

Kalu is a nice guy but his takes are worthless. He admittedly only knows football and doesn’t follow other sports. A caller can have the dumbest take and crickets from Kalu.

Wexler is probably the most stats savvy of the local guys and does his homework. However I have heard others say they struggle to listen to his voice and feel he speaks with a condescending tone.

I really try to listen but they force topics down our throats and don’t allow for variation. This allows for one type of listener.

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I think they’re all condescending because they think they know more than us. In reality, they don’t. I like Kalu but he is strictly a football guy. He and Greg Koch had a good show on 790.

Yes, Wexler is knowledgeable but his droning voice is a turn-off for me. And he is condescending.


790 is hard to hear a mere 40 miles outside of town. 610 only talks about the Texans. 97.5 FM (?) has worse range than 790. Add to that I cannot listen to the Astros on iHeart because we live too close to Houston for the online version, though the signal peters out south of Pearland.

I can get 790 ALMOST all the way to Bastrop

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I second that.

Except that with 610, it’s either the Texans or whatever the flavor of the month pro team is.

VERY little UH or other college sports coverage.

That’s why I’ve largely stopped listening.

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I don’t know how Clanton can not reach out and strangle the guy.

Yeah, and his “shut your bum a$$ up” is just dumb……I think he and Ross are the only ones that think they are funny.

Norfleet doesn’t know anything besides football but he thinks he’s an Astros expert now.

I do enjoy Sean and LaLima……those guys know their stuff and are respectful of callers/listeners.

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iPhone apps are clear signals any where

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C’mon Boomers use those smart phones if the signal is bad on your radio.

I really only listen to John and Lance and I might flip to Sean/Seth Payne if during football season they were interviewing Jimbo.

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If you want to hear the Astros on the App you are SOL as it is not available. FYI.


365 Sports…95% is college talk…and definitely from a Big 12 perspective

Which radio station in Houston carries that?

Or is it a podcast/streaming/youtube format? Is there a 365sports show that covers chiefly Houston or Texas college athletics?

I listen on youtube.

They have a daily show that specifically discusses college sports and how they impact the Big 12.

They are based in Waco.

Big discussion about the Private Equity proposal. I don;t know if Houston sports radio shows even mentioned it once?

Not sure if they’ve developed an app yet

I’ve listened to that show several times.

That’s different.

I was referring to local Houston sports talk RADIO shows.

They’re almost all about PRO sports, with little college coverage, and even less UH coverage.

That’s why I’ve largely stopped listening to them.

790 on the iheart app carries the Astros games

I’m able to listen to Astros on 790 on my phone in the iHeart app but when I try to use my laptop it tells me I can’t due to my location lol. Weird