Houston Texans:2021 Thread

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From: (out every monday in season)

They turned over the roster but look worse.
Many _____ is still in the NFL ??? guys on the 3 deep.


This is going to be a disaster. They’re far and away the worst team in the NFL, to the point that 0-17 is definitely in the realm of possibility if their resident serial sex offender doesn’t play. This is the worst, most hopeless team I’ve ever seen, and I followed the 2008 Lions pretty closely.


Tankathon feels the same. They have them taking Sam Howell-QB from UNC w the 1st pick.

It would very Texanesque to take a QB in 2022 after taking Davis Mills #67 this year but Howell looks like a good one.

The Texans have a left tackle. That’s it a left tackle.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to protect the blind side when what is right in front of you is so god awful.

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I’ve rooted for the Texans to lose every game since they cut Keenum. I’m a Browns fan now, they are really a entertaining team, they run the ball and play defense.


I don’t think there would be anything wrong with taking a QB with the first pick. The WFT took RGIII and Cousins in the same draft, back in the day, and this wouldn’t be terribly different.

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Every year, Jim Rome roots for the worst team to go 0-Fer…he will be rooting for the Texans.
Towards the end of the season, it becomes quite entertaining…

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They need to change the name and logo to the Houston Clowns, in honor of their owner and leadership

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I am a Texan fan but unfortunately this will probably be their worse year ever …

NRG will no doubt have a lot of booing this year … our inept owner Cal McNair will probably be wearing a disguise though everyone knows where his box is located …

According to NFL predictions the Texans are only going to win two games …

Finally the rookie QB from Stanford is apparently flopping in practice and throwing a lot of INTs …

You can tell from those comments that Cal McNair attended UT-austin. Video games and 6th Street - it is what it is.

Exceeding two wins will be a fluke.


I’m just hoping the new GM waits until after the season to trade Watson. The BO’B regime would trade him to a team that is a QB away and they end up picking in the 20’s.

I don’t really watch the team. Just listen to the discussions on sports radio.

Tommy Boy McNair is laughing all the way to the bank. I’d imaging NRG will resemble a funeral parlor this season. Die hard Texan fans I feel for you.

Looking at the schedule:
Week 1 Jacksonville, Week 12 Jets, Week 15@Jacksonville seem like the only chances.

I’m going to hit Htown for a UH and Texans weekend.
Halloween for SMU/Rams or 9/11 for Rice/Jags

No reason to pre buy a Texans ticket. You will be able to get good seats for .10 on the dollar.

Uhhh … actually the two wins are. predicted to be the pats and jets …

Jacksonville has Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence this year and destined no longer to be bottom dwellers …

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What did you expect?
All NFL owners are in the NFL for collecting the media rights. That is the only reason why they are NFL owners. Yes it is an ego thing too but these media rights are so profitable that every possible billionaire wants one.
NFL owners want tax payers to buy them a new stadium?
What about this?
“Harris County tax payers we will repay the money you spent for this new stadium with our media rights with interest on yearly installments”
It ain’t happening.

How the mighty have fallen…

They were just rancid last season. How much can you fix in one draft and FA class?

I see Lawrence having a rough rookie year but looking solid in what he can control.

The Texans deserve 0 fans.

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Texans will be BADDD but y’all are downplaying the difference in talent between the terrible and great NFL teams - it is not Alabama vs USF or something. 50 point blowouts in college are common but a blowout in the NFL is losing by multiple scores frankly. The number of single score games they will be in will likely be counted on 2 hands and they will win a couple of them. I predict they stumble and bumble their way to 3 wins (3-14 record) but still get the first pick.

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