Houston to the SEC?

How many sheep do we need to deliver to TAMU to make this happen?

(Also discussion on it since we are all about the B1G right now)





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We have a better shot at the big 10 than ever getting an SEC invite lol. Aggies and whorns would NEVER allow it.

IMO our Best bet if we we want to be a part of whatever this 40-48 team monstrosity becomes is cashing in every favor we have to get AAU, compete for big 12 title in the first few years and be in position to get into the last round of expansion to the big 10. Especially if Texas and A&M are in the SEC. And Entrance to the Texas market at that point might be appealing enough to Fox to grab say us and TCU or Tech to grab north and south texas eyeballs

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I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not with this thread. A&M pouted that they wanted to be the only Texas school in the SEC when they found out about ut joining and somehow they would invite UH to join? Not to mention the fact that they have avoided playing us all of these years and suddenly they would welcome the chance to compete with them for recruits in this region?

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Everybody gotta stop thinking small.

Houston Cougars to the NFC East! The Cowboys are our natural rivals. I look forward to driving to Philly to watch us play the Eagles.


Houston to the World Football Team!

I’m sure the SEC craves a school with attendance problems such as ours.


But then they would lock down southeast Texas! Even if the big 10 invites rice, the sec would own this town.

Vandy has worse attendance than we do. It’s the TV viewership metric that remains in our favor.


I am thinking the SEC has the Houston market with Agy and Whorn. They do not need us


Vandy is an elite University and has been in the SEC for many moons. I bet Tulane regrets the day they left.


You could hear the screeching from here if we got invited. Aggies would lose their minds.


Highly unlikely as long as UT and aTm are members.

Houston to the B1G is also highly unlikely until UH becomes AAU.

I’m hoping for an expanded Big 12 at the expense of the PAC and possibly the ACC.

That’s our best bet until we become AAU.

Sec prob won’t happen but UT and A$M can’t block us bc if the sec did want us , they would simply say, line up and vote right like they told a$m on UT and OU. It would be that same way.

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First, Vandy has the luxury of having been in the SEC for the past 80+ years.

Second, how does UH tv viewership stack up to the SEC average?

The historians here will tell you that we had at least two legitimate opportunities to join the SEC.

Who know? Better people than I were the deciders.

It’s nice to dream once in awhile…

NFC East or bust!

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