Houston's 3 Needs for 2017

I really don’t agree with this.

Marsaave I didn’t really get your statement. You saying that QB is a top 3 need? If so, I disagree wholeheartedly. We will have 3 QBs on roster (6 total?) that all have higher ratings coming out of highschool than Ward and Keenum so that bodes pretty well for us.

How is everyone forgetting the offensive line though? Even if we were going into next season with 5 all conference selections, quality depth is so hard to get there. Every year we need to sign at least 5 (and probably more) quality OL to account for academic casualties, injuries, transfers and early departures. Right now we have two quality tackles committed which is great but no guards and no center. That’s not good.


Sorry, I was at lunch. I’ll edit. I was driving the point of how clear our need was at CB. There were so many examples last season where we were lucky did not result in huge plays. Sometimes the opposing qb over threw a wide open receiver. Or the receiver dropped a ball when he was wide open. We need an upgrade at corner is all I am saying.

Mine would be corner, linebacker, and kick returner.

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Bynum can play corner & was voted to some awards team as the regions punt returner.

My top 3 are center, guard, and tackle. Any quarterback can look great with a great o-line (Matt Schaub in 2012), and any quarterback can look terrible with a bad o-line (Matt Schaub in 2013.)

Hmmmm…this article is from someone that really doesn’t follow the team. Oliver has 2 more years here and we have depth on the DLine. To put DT first on a list that doesn’t include CB…well, this can be thrown in the trash (and looking at the author, he’s from Minnesota and has no ties to Texas or the Cougars).

CB, OL, and LB are the three biggest needs on this team in my opinion with DL a close 4th.

We have 1 returning starter at CB (who had a rough year…to say it nicely), another from his class that has limited experience and 3 2nd year guys with very little experience. I’d really like to see a good JUCO player come in to help shore the position up, but I haven’t seen us offer anybody. Here’s hoping the 2 Smiths can play.

OL is a need every year. Need at least 3-4 every year.

LB is a need as we only have 7 scholarship players total and only 1 commit. Not good if we’re going to keep running a 3-4. Need at least 2-3 more commits

DL is in a similar position with only 6 scholarship players on the roster, but we do have 2 commits already.

As far as TE, we’re good. The writer listed Simpson at the position, but he’s actually been moved to Long Snapper per the latest roster. However, we also have the transfer from Baylor, Chris Johnson, to go along with Brooker, Leslie, and Eichenberger.


I would agree with the above statement.

I try not to think about what UH has lost at LB and DB over the past two seasons. It’s frightening.


Yep. I’m not as worried about D’Onofrio’s scheme as I am that we’re going to be sending a lot of untested players out there at CB and LB next season.

Hopefully, Major and Johnson have something dialed up on offense that will put points on the board.

We need, need more size on our OL.
JUCO transfers or 5 year player(s) could be a great addition to our CB’s. They are out there.
LB’s are a major concern for me. It is obvious that the AAC is not going to get slower.
Let’s see how the next few weeks develop but like everybody else I am getting anxious. Sorry to repeat myself but the local athletes and coaches have to make a statement and support U of H.

Size is not the problem with our OL. Strength and quick feet are problem areas for our OL.

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Bingo. They have nice frames but were very weak last year. That wont be a problem for the 2017 season.

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I have a hard time believing our OL had strength issues since none of the other positions showed strength issues.

You gotta have strength to engage and sustain your block. Otherwise you’ll be defeated each time. Squats and Bench. Lol

Technique too. Have to be able to drive block to support a run game. Very few coaches teach it any more.

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Our offensive line averaged around 280 to 290 and were very young. Mostly Freshmen & Sophomores. I expect they will be bigger next year with another year of strength work.


We offered Tanner McCalister. He is leaning TCU. I don’t know why we would offer this late in the game unless we thought we had a shot at him.


Maybe he wants to run track too?

He is class of 2018.