How good will womens hoops be?

Hughey seems to be optimistic but I think he is most years.
Unless we have really improved I feel like we might be in for a rude awakening in the B-12.
Anyone keep up enough to give an opinion?

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Well, considering the team has been awful in the AAC, I don’t expect much beginning this year. I hope for the best though!

Me too. It’s really sad with our facilities we can’t recruit top players, especially locally

We need a new HC, like yesterday.
I expect a losing season.
Thank you Chris Pesman


The Big 12 is so solid. It could get real ugly for our Coogs. Hoping for some surprises but expecting few

Hughey has recruited some really good players but his teams always underachieve. I expect the same this year.

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They compete every game.

We are one or two offensive scorers away from being good.

We will rely on defense and effort again this year.

They should be a fun team to watch.


Have not seen nothing on the womens bb team until this topic was started. What players are coming in?


I dont think coach Hughey recruits anymore!

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He seems to like the portal

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NOCoog 85
“Well, considering the team has been awful in the AAC…”
The team was 10-5 in the AAC last year. We missed the NCAA Tournament last year… by losing the AAC Tournament Championship game by 2 pts.


Correct, his best year since arriving, but did not make the Dance or the WNIT…

Watching some of the Air Force game tonight and it was noted we have five portals and one freshman new to the team.
UH, as expected is whipping AF easily.

Houston has been playing good defense the couple years. It looks like there offense may be stronger. Rather than just having 3 or 4 players who can score this year UH might have 8 or 9.
Does anyone know much about Kierra Merchant? bigmccoog or anyone else. It appears she may be a talented shooter and player.
Going by her bio in UH website she does not appear to be heavily recruited. She did not make any of the top 100 national lists. She went to high school in Houston. What was she listed among high school seniors from Texas.

2-0 is a good start even if against weaker competition as it allows then to jell.

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We really have a soft non conference schedule but maybe that’s good with the Big 12 grind on the horizon

We also have some really impressive bigs from the transfer portal. I was pleasantly surprised!

This team has improved in depth and caliber of bigs.

I can’t wait to see how we do in conf.

We might surprise ourselves lol.

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Oh dear Lord! Not him too!

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He needed to go to the portal to bring in power 5 bigs, which he did.

He also recruited Kierra merchant who is a promising true freshman out of Westfield. Avg’d 26 pts a game and ranked top 20 in Texas.

She’s coming off of the bench and has a jamal shead esque passing game. Very fast and great vision. She may be better than Laila.

I am excited to see this team get better going into Dec/Jan.


This year’s team sounds fun. Can score. 4-0 undefeated and all blowouts.

We have the veteran stud senior in Blair. And the youngster stud in freshman Merchant. Both local stars!!! Finally have depth.

It was always about the right culture and it seems coach Hughey has his best team on campus.

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