How good will womens hoops be?

A win is a win. Congrats to the ladies!


1st B12 win, hopefully more to come.


1st big 12 W. Couldn’t be happier for the ladies Watch out.

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Coogs against TCU on now (both 1-3 in conference).

Van Chancellor on color for the game (which brings back great memories of the Comets and Sudie’s Catfish House).

Coogs up 30-20 midway through the 2nd.

Laila Blair is responsible for 20 of those points.


41-29 Coogs at the half.

I think Blair has 24.


Looking good!

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Half of the TCU beat down is complete. Way to go Ladies!

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At this point any win is a good win

Frankly, I did not think we would have two Big12 wins this year, so great!


I love Sudies Catfish House in Pasadena.

Many famous people have ate there.

Can’t beat All-U-Can Eat Catfish and Shrimp.

Coach Hughey has talent on this year’s squad but just like Holgy I don’t think he’s the coach going forward into the Big 12.

He should be fired after the season is over and go get a big time coach because the area has some major talent coming up never mind the state :sunglasses:


That talent is down 38-10 at West Virginia early in the third quarter. They didn’t score in the first quarter, are currently shooting 13 percent from the field in the game and 0fer in three-pointers.

But maybe they can finish ahead of TCU in the standings since that team’s season is blowing up due to injuries.

Maybe not, 80-39 holy hell fire him already.

Good lord. How did they go from winning two conference games in a row to not being even competitive and losing by 40? This isn’t the only time they have been destroyed this season. It’s been happening for years. Coach seems like a nice guy but it’s past due time for a change. Too much talent in the area and state along with top notch facilities here to not put a competitive team on the floor every night. Need a coach that can recruit, coach Xs and Os and set a higher bar than being the best of the new schools which currently occupy the bottom rungs of the conference.


Been saying the same thing about the coach, like forever. How in the Heavens name can you go a entire quarter and not score a single point? . This guy cannot recruit, or coach, when he get good players, he can’t coach them up, or keep them. Why is he still here?

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We found a sport we can’t beat West Virginia in.


Yep, I think it well beyond time for a change. Coach Hughey is a very nice guy but with all the new facilities and fertile recruiting grounds he simply has not been able to keep up…

Houston’s 92-87 overtime loss to UCF Saturday afternoon is UCF’s Big 12 win.

I’ve voiced my dissatisfaction with the women’s basketball program in numerous podcasts and a few articles.

Has anyone on this forum contacted Pezman, Chizer, or any of the Administration to express their thoughts / feelings about Houston women’s basketball?

Obviously, women’s hoops is not football; but, at least the groundswell support of football fans who voiced their frustration with the previous head coach resulted in a change.

Are there enough fans of Houston women’s basketball to make a difference to the Administration?

Keep in mind: Coach Hughey and Coach Kelvin Sampson are both in season 10 at Houston…


Totally agree but I think Pez and company were seriously just holding off with several coaches until after we played at least one year in the Big 12.
That said I would bet Hughey’s fate will be determined after this season along with Whitting in baseball and perhaps the softball team.
There is absolutely no way on God’s green earth that we should be that bad in those sports…


I watched some of the UCF game on espn+. It was an embarrassment of missed point blank layups, missed free throws and silly turnovers by the Coogs. As mentioned, UCF was winless in conference play. UCF lost their previous game to TCU who had forfeited some games because they didn’t have enough players to field a team due to injuries. TCU had to pick up some students from their dorms including a volleyball player to field a team vs UCF and somehow beat them. The Coogs then played and lost to this very same UCF team. Unacceptable. We do not have Big 12 players on our roster except for Laila Blair who I keep calling Linda Blair for some reason. She does need to play like a woman possessed for us to have a chance to win. Unfortunately she fouled out and that sealed our fate. We badly need a Big 12 coach asap who can recruit and coach up Big 12 level players.