How good will womens hoops be?

Well stated…I think we all need to communicate with the AD and express our strong displeasure of the status of some of our sports programs, especially WBB, softball and baseball.

There is no money in WBB or softball, the administration doesn’t care the fans don’t care, if it wasn’t for Title IX they would probably drop those two sports

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That’s what was said about volleyball too. The hiring of the right coach proves that it can be done. The facilities are there and now with Big 12 money flowing in soon, there is no reason our school cannot field teams in all sports that can compete for conference championships and do well in the ncaa tourneys. Volleyball made the ncaa’s two years in a row after years of mediocrity. Volleyball had record crowds this year. It can be done across all sports with the hiring of the right coaches.

By the way, soccer was trending upward too for a couple of years until the previous coach retired suddenly and the team took a step backward this fall in their first season in the Big 12.


U are right ,volleyball has been tremendous the last few years

Won last night, 3-7 in B12 games, probably three more than I thought they would win. Anything more is probably gravy, Pez will retain if they win a few more.

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As he should. Everyone knows the real magic begins in season 11…



Lady Coogs got drilled by Baylor here today.

It’s definitely time to head in a different direction with this program.

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Cmon now, we won the turnover battle. Extend extend.

What happened to the softball program. UH should to be solid did we lose our coach or sumthing…

IMO Coach Hollas was very good here. We came very close to making the World Series but for some reason she left coaching all together. Not sure what really happened.
Her replacement simply has done nothing to keep the program anywhere near that level.
It appears to me softball, women’s hoops and baseball likes the portal more than recruiting local talent.
Soccer could be on the rebound as local recruiting has improved


Houston trails Whorn after one, 18-15.
Texas is killing UH in rebounding

If the administration actually decides to care about women’s hoops, the program should take off. Houston has a lot of talent locally and the state as well. Jordan sponsorship and the big 12. Coach doesn’t recruit well enough.

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UT alternates bigs who would start and make a difference/
We ought to be recruiting a lot better locally for sure


Ladies come out with a win at 12-13 Okie Lite today. Baseball, both hoop teams in the win column so far today.
Up to softball to cap a great day!


I think the coach secured his position. I for one didn’t see 4 B12 wins this year.

If true, what a low bar our AD has set for this program. I’m surprised the team got 4 conference wins too.

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Who knows, perhaps there is another win or two out there.

From the Tier 3 write up (TT & BYU), just 2 or 3 more is a shot at WNIT.
10. Houston (13-12, 4-10) – Last Week — 12”