How good will womens hoops be?

If it was that easy it would’ve been done years ago - again I’ve always said you have no talent of big 12 caliber within 10 miles of either direction in this city which hurts UH so you have to recruit way out to start with and those kids’ mindset is much different

If you had a hot HISD program or two producing talent in or near the loop you can have them in the gym every week - but that’s gone unfortunately despite them having great facilities now

Sampson isn’t exactly recruiting around the corner also - the Houston kids he has aren’t the game changers so he gets the ones one step below who he can mold and they become that player

I don’t think it’s easy but it’s not as hard as it’s been. You get the right coach in and recruiting will look a lot different. If and when the job opens there will be interest from plenty of coaches who want this job. There is plenty of big 12 talent in the Houston metro area. Unfortunately this staff really hasn’t made any inroads to the level of player that is needed.

I know the athletic dept had to decide where to spend most of the $$ so hopefully being in the big 12 allows the wbb program to level up on this now.

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Really? What about UConn, Tenn(with Pat) South Carolina, Duke, Stanford, sell outs, merch, travel well. I like Fritz model of gett former player who now coach involved. Hurley is not Xs and Os. Asst is better coach

We have run off some good coaches (basketball, softball, tennis) and really downgraded with their replacements. There have been some good hires there too (swimming, soccer, volleyball) but in general I wish we would take women’s sports more seriously and not hold on to bad coaches for so long.


What still concerns me is that we have gotten shelled by the decent teams kind of like we did against UConn in the AAC for years.
I think we should be competing for titles but that’s me.


Hoops getting beat at TCU at halftime 33-17. Ouch!

Got to get rid of that coach


Pez was always gonna let the b12 fix all of our problems. He’s a one-at-a-time juggler. Had everyone not ridden his a— and Renu not stepped in we’d still have Dana.

Hughey will still be here five years from now. Whitting will retire here. As long as one or two teams are nationally competitive he won’t do anything.

He’s built for comfort, not excellence.


Hughey is under the protection of Dejuana Chizer


The change is way overdue at these sports:

  1. Women basketball.
  2. softball.
  3. Baseball.
  4. and Women Tennis.
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Ron Hughey gives his assessment on Houston’s 2023-'24 season – especially, Houston in the Big 12 Conference.

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Already making excuses…

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So, he had NO idea what to expect from playing in the Big 12? Really?

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Sounds like Holgorsen, u don’t hear Sampson whining and crying even with all the injuries

Lost by 14 to Texas Tech in the opening game of the Big 12 tournament. Season is probably over at 14-16 although there are a lot of post-season tournaments so maybe they try to play in one of them?

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Would be a great opportunity for the players to get to know the new coach. :sunglasses::sunglasses:


That’s on him for not recruiting better. It’s not like he didn’t know we are headed to the Big 12. BS

I don’t really know what the powers that be expected from a guy that wasn’t winning in a lesser conference and he is now playing in a better one.


Anyone know what is his contract status is?