How much does bb success help in getting a P5 invite?

Reason I ask is bc Louisville was invited to the ACC based on both success in bb and football at the time. If dana can get us in the top 25 which is doable for fb, I’m thinking so.




I know bb alone won’t do it but I think if football is a consistent top25 team, bb then helps overall like with Louisville.

None. Besides, we can still win national championships with basketball

Some. P5 conferences love a winner. It promotes their conference brand.


As much as football success helped in 2015.


You never know, but it definitely does not hurt our brand. This will also help with recruiting students to the school, which helps us be more competitive academically.


I think they will look at a number of items when evaluating us as a potential candidate and more importantly…a valuable addition.

On the Sports side and let me know if you disagree, the order of sports importance is:

  1. Football (biggest $$ factor but also most highly guarded to break in to the playoff. We need to see some progress from CDH’s plan. We plan in the AAC NOT the SEC)

  2. Mens Basketball (We CAN win this the National Championship from the AAC and we should strive to be in the NCAA tournament every year…and make noise frequently. This should keep us relevant and unsure we have a sold arena for most games plus major student support!.)

  3. Womens Basketball ( I expect this program to blow up. They can ride the success of the Mens program, they have the same top of the line facilities, and will be a coveted Jumpman Program next season. The question is- Do we have the right coach in place?)

  4. Baseball (This is disappointing. While the LSU playoff victory was epic…we had around a .500 record and no World Series appearances under the current staff. We need to turn that corner. )

Let’s make sure we are competitive in those four and let our administration handle the academic part. The market is already established but we can always do more to grow our fan base.

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That turned out to be a one off whereas basketball has been striving since CKS arrived.

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I doubt that it would help as much as being a regular Top 20 in football, but it certainly couldn’t hurt.

P5 is more about football than basketball though.

Even as bad as our sports and attendance was when the SWC broke up, if we would have had Dr. Khator as president, we would not be having this conversation. Now it is up hill all the way, starting with increased academics, Med school, top 25 in FB, Final Four in BB and recruiting hot bed in fourth largest city.


It didn’t do anything for UConn when they were winning big.


Hmm I would not say none. I mean, does anyone believe Kansas is P5 because of football? The entire ACC outside of Clemson, Miami, VA Tech and FSU is basketball driven.

Most of the P5, especially the ones we wish to join, want more than just sports; they want a school that contributes to their academic prowess. Not a coincidence that the SEC jumped on Mizzou and TAMU; both schools are AAU members. That really increased the academic prestige of the other schools in the conference. Again, from a public school perspective, no one is on the level of the BIG 10, but they can at least close the gap.

If we win a natty this year and can pull off a few F4’s or even Elite 8 appearances over the next few years, I bet we get a P5 invite, especially if you consider that during that time we would have our new medical school open, increased spending on buildings, research and other related items.

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I think the trouble is that you can’t be invited if the conference doesn’t want to expand. After that, it depends on what the league wants, and they have different priorities. When conferences do expand though, I think they tend to lower the bar when looking for the “second” school they are looking to bring. Look at Maryland and… Rutgers.

I think you guys would be a great fit for the Big 12, but they probably wont expand because they have multiple TX schools, and it would just be another way they’d have to chop up their pie.

I would say I’d put you guys 3rd on the ACC wishlist behind:

  1. ND coming for Football (they’re currently in for everything else, and they play 1/3 of the ACC schools every year in football. So each school plays ND once every 3 years on the gridiron)
  2. WVU
  3. Houston

KU is P5 because they were in the Big 8 a long time ago and were there when it expanded. Same for KSt. You can look at the P5 conferences and see many teams that fit that mold such as Vandy, Northwestern, etc.

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You think West Virginia is a more attractive option than Houston…in Texas?

UH has more students, is in a massively bigger state/city/ market, im guessing is better in academics (whole University and Colleges) and has a greater endowment.

West Virginia was a Big East cast-off that was rejected by the ACC once and took the life line invitation into a very desperate Big 12.

I do agree the Big 12 will NEVER add UH because they are Texas saturated but in all honesty, the Big 12 messed up inviting the small Christian school in Ft. Worth instead of the Big public school in Houston.

The ACC can definitely plant their flag in East Texas because the Big 12 choose to leave it open …not once, not twice, but three times!


I get that all, and from a purely Business stand point that might make you guys edge out.

But from a budgeting standpoint BC, Cuse, Pitt, VTech would save a lot of time and money sending their women’s teams to WV for nonrevenue sports every month than to Texas. Also, WVU has historical rivalries with Pitt, 'Cuse, and VTech. They’re Pitt’s #1 rival in all sports and 'Cuse’s top rival in football.

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I heard its very difficult to get to West Virginia because its in a small city. Most of the ACC schools are in cities and there are plenty of direct flights to Houston.


Ya, When I went to games there I flew into Pittsburg. That’s about an hour. Maybe I’m overvaluing WVU because they fit the footprint and I miss hating them



Thanks for the compliments. I do think ND is first then us bc we bring a big city market and we could compete in bb in bb in the ACC and contribute and if we were in a p5 like the ACC , we’d be a force in fb as well.

We had a psychic predict we would end up in the ACC next a while back and I think bb helps and matters to the ACC more than other conferences. The ACC prides itself on bb 1st then fb in my belief. I think we can also be a top 25 team in fb even in our conf now so the sky is the limit. West Vir doesn’t bring a big market and our school is better academically and growing in all ways with a new Med school, 47,000 students and more dorms and campus improvements all the time. We’d fit perfectly in the ACC.