How nice is it that we’re not …

Looking for a coach or worried about getting poached? That’s kind of new feeling around here, huh, kind of like since Yeoman? :blush:


Very nice indeed !
Go Coogs !

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Yes and big12 helped make it happen. We’re now in a p5 with a possible 12 team format.


It is really looking like a wise move, even at the (at the time) high price

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I never worried about losing or getting Dimel and Helton poached, keeping them is what worried me.


I would like it even better if Dana was in high demand, but chose to stay at UH.

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Well to be in high demand wouldn’t that indicate that Dana told his agent to put his name out there so he could be considered?
I see it as he is happy here, just like he said, and is not looking for another job. He could be in high demand but after talking with his agent AD’s found out that he is not looking to move so his name is not mentioned.

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I know that you’re a hardcore fan but it must not have been easy sitting through those games.

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I felt bad for Dimel until I watched UH crush Louisville at The Rob in his final game at UH and the final game for the Louisville coach. If he could get them to play like that for that game, why not the others? And I could pick my seat anywhere in that stadium that day.

We thought things were bad under Helton, but we found out what bad was when we replaced him with Dana Dumbel. It was torture under Dumbel, and I went to every home game and some away games hoping things would get better. The one bright spot about the 0-11 season was I knew we couldn’t get any worse.


I remember talking to Dana in the locker room after the game. Jerry Wizig was standing there with us and Dana grabbed both of us at the same time lifted us off the ground he was so happy with the game.

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How nice it is to be in the big12. Best Christmas gift this yr.


Weren’t yaw saying 3 months ago CDH should be fired?

Not all of us :blush:


Man, that game was the worst. Had about 1k in the stands. Windy, wet, and in the 40s. I was in the band and my mouthpiece was getting stuck to my lips.


Yeah we dodged a bullet that ND, LSU, and OU didn’t throw 100m at Dana.

I’m always impressed with your ability to use words having two syllables.


Yes I was. I’m man enough to admit I was wrong. Are you man enough to stop rubbing it in someone’s face? Wait I need to apologize, I dont know your gender and don’t want to assume anything. Let me just say I WAS WRONG AND THANK GOD IM JUST A FAN AND NOT A DECISION MAKER!
Go Coogs kick some Auburn ass


Ouch! Damn!

Sometimes I just love the fact that there are those people that tell others to refrain from attacking a coach that has made some bad mistakes by resorting to attacks themselves.