How ready is Dana Holgorsen's Houston to make the Big 12 jump?

I would bet money it was Traylor.

Maybe he should read his contract, for those of you that did not read the other article it noted he can be paid in monthly installments….No lump sum is necessary….

I also think there is a limit to how much rope Tillman has given….IMO, I think it’s at its end….As much as TF pushed to get us in the Big 12 the last thing he wants to see is UH get embarrassed….another season like last year and he is gonzo.

You think 8-5 gets him canned this year? That’s seems unrealistic

It goes something like this:
reporter: “ok, I am reporting this nationally. You are about to get fired, is that correct?”
CDH: FU!!!

Im ok with that.

Anyone besides “Football Scoop” (LOL) report this?

Im sure he understands his contract far better than some reporter writing an article. And $4.5 mil paid out over 12 months in a year is still $4.5 mil

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I dont mean exact wins and losses with the move to the Big 12.

That obviously has to be factored in….but the 77 to SMU, quitting in the second half against KU, the Tulsa loss, poor clock management and horrible defensive calls.

But I would say 5 wins or less with some ugly losses would do it….6-6 would be iffy. If it’s a good 6-6 where we were competitive in all the games, give him another year….if it’s an ugly 6-6 with a few game’s getting blown out then see yah….

If he pulls out a 8-5 this year they should put a statue of him up at TDECU

Football scoop is usually on top of their stuff

Eh, they have a tendency to bite on rumors that legacy media doesn’t. That said, there’s usually some truth to the stuff they put out there. I’d wager that UH at least strongly looked into canning Dana, before eventually deciding it would be cost-prohibitive.

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I support CDH but that is FUNNY!

His contract is specifically set to where we can pay him off over a number of months if we choose to…Big 12 money will allow us to do it when ever we choose…He NEEDS to have some success next year…He cant go 2-10 or 3-9 or something or we WILL fire him…It is up to him…Go out and win some games, coach!!!

The main difference between footballscoop and any national media report is very simple…

National media reports are generally sourced from agents first, while footballscoop is sourcing from coaches themselves.