How the transfer portal is changing recruiting

June 30 or has to sit a year.

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You can’t blame coaches for trying to get the best players they can to help their teams as fast as they can. With the axe falling way to fast for a lot of coaches, not giving them enough time to rebuild a program, they have to do what they can when they can.

This will affect a lot of high school kids by either missing out on a scholarship completely or causing them to end up at schools they would have otherwise not gone to. But hey, the big name schools can keep on dominating, isn’t that the whole goal of the NCAA?

This immediate eligibility of the transfer portal really hurts smaller schools like HBU. This past season its star QB Bailey Zappe, as well as his top 3 receivers, went to Western Kentucky to join their OC.
In basketball, for the past 3 seasons HBU’s top player has transferred with one going to St. John’s and another to ACC country - Wake Forest.
Sam Houston’s top basketball player this past season headed to SMU. TSU and PV also had top players transfer as well.
As soon as these players from SWAC and Southland have good sessons many are going to a place where competition is better and will improve their game. It’s a good move on the player’s part but hurts the school.

That’s interesting … Bimage had a good career at UT. Surprising he wasn’t drafted.

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Yes, I was surprised he hadn’t been snatched up yet.

Looks like he may have opted out of 2020 … so he may have 2 years left to play?

I think you are right

Yeah…Texas falls into the “cash strapped” category !!

History says their games won’t improve cause they moved up - the biggest improvement was where they developed at to get noticed. Lot of times their brought on for depth purposes if anything

The Idaho kid didn’t improve at UH in hoops

On the flip side - now the same FCS school who lost a player will now get the FBS player that flamed out and wasn’t ready for that level to begin with but they got desperate and took him once their recruiting board crashed and burned. That pool is way more populated than impact players

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Well, he did tie the UH 3 point record in one game and then set a new 3 point record in another.

Whether he improved or not is subjective, but he did make an impact.


Via an article out of Minnesota, “Here are rounded-off totals for Division I athletes who entered the transfer portal this year: 2,400 in FBS-level football, 2,770 in men’s basketball and 1,660 in women’s basketball.” Just craziness.

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The pertinent number will be how many of these players will get left without a home.

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there will be less recruiting of high school kids. Why spend your recruiting dollars and all the expense of training and housing a freshman when the chances are they are leaving you after two years.

Everyone is going to go with the Kansas State model under Bill Snyder who heavily recruited JUCOs.

I think ultimately this is going to hurt the players but have we ever cared about what was in the best interest of the players?


That’s all I needs to hear. Let’s go win some games!


Marcus Jones, Henry, Carter aren’t cougars?? I strongly disagree. Anyone who puts on that uniform and works their butt off for this school is a cougar. whether they are here for 1 year or 4 years


I don’t know where this narrative came from. That’s more of a basketball thing. Maybe you are talking about the lower end G5 school. But not in the AAC. If that was the case cincy wouldn’t have been a top 10 team last year. Memphis has had a good amount of NFL talent the last 2 years none of them are leaving for P5 schools. Stevenson lost his QB and still stayed at UH. Smu hasn’t lost any key players and have multiple people projected to get drafted next year. UCF has also had NFL talent stay, they wouldn’t still have Gabriel or kept guys like Williams(WR) if that was the case. Maybe in lower end G5 schools yes, but not in AAC, we don’t have to worry about that.


That’s exactly right. Heck, how many of us loyal Coogs on this board started elsewhere? I went to LSU for 2 1/2 years before graduating from UH.


I went to Baylor my first year lol

same, Geaux Coogs!

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I went to Kean College of New Jersey (now Kean University) before moving to and graduating from UH.