How to get UTSA tixs

It seems like the UTSA website is referring folks to Ticketmaster, which has the worst voice recognition program in the history of the world. Looking for four. Any ideas? Go Coogs!

UTSA will begin selling single game tickets on the 24th. You can buy group tickets now. I am trying to find enough people to get group tickets at a discount.

Tix are available now; got this email from ticketmaster to buy early. Link below:[cta_button1&et_cid=TM_29581&et_rid=bd5f9201583da2d8a080d1dac4624c4a78e997afe87c44e03a409520af2e416f&utm_source=&utm_medium=tmemail&utm_campaign=MS-91998-UTSAFootball2017-2018&utm_term=29581&utm_content=cta_button1&landing=c

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Thanks Patrick.

I wonder if they are showing all the available seats. Of if they are holding some back for group sales etc.

Not many to choose from on the Cougar side.

Might be some for group sales and/or season ticket sales.

Hopefully, there will be a big UH contingent

Anybody else having problems with this site? Very slow and difficult to select anything.

No issues earlier

Got 'em today using the link above, no problems

I just tried to use it and I don’t see any promo entry bar to buy early. Just to buy at 10 AM today…

It expired last night.

Haha, just needed to read to the end of the message…

Just got our tickets…see you all in San Antonio.

Crap. I relied on a UTSA alum to get me some tickets, but he didn’t deliver. Is anyone selling?

You can buy single game tickets now from UTSA

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It’s gonna be loud in that dome!

Houston side of the field is almost completely sold out on ticketmaster:

I’m seated in section 133. Where is everyone else?

Section 137 here…ready for this game!