How to have our own children attend U of H and build a legacy?

yeah…and the “creators” of Texas A&M said it was to be an all-male college.

The “creators” of Florida State said it was to be an all-female women’s teaching college.

Oh, and almost ALL of the “creators” of the state flagship schools in the South said they would ONLY serve White students.

I for one, am glad we challenge our “creator’s intent”

Also, Cullen said that BEFORE we established satellite campuses to serve the needs of working class families.

I am going to continue to say this…The University of Houston NEEDS to transform itself into The University of Texas- Austin 2.0

I know we all hate the athletic department but that large Texas public, in an urban setting has to be out model, especially as we pass the 100 year mark…



It ruined it for us that wanted to be Traditional Students.

I lived on campus and there were many times I couldn’t even find a place to eat ON CAMPUS on the weekends.

Why? Because the University catered to majority “commuter student” and could have cared less about the small % of traditional students TRYING to create that culture.

Not good!

You do realize that I agree with you, right?

I know my initial post was long, but in that post I outlined how UH needs to drastically raise admission standards (20 - 30% admit rate) and make significant investments to the student experience.

How did it cater to me? I do not follow you. Because I was able to have classes at night? I do not follow you. Explain please.
As far as being a 2.0 of you know who what makes you think they are any better? Because a publication says they have a higher rank?
How is that ranking done and what constitutes that ranking?
Research based?
How in the F…k can we compete with them if we do not have access to the PUF? That is as simple as that.
Graduation rate? We are on par.
These rankings are so overblown that they lose sight of what education is about. You take a course(s) with requirements. You either do them or you do not. What makes you successful is how you use your degree.
Alumni? I have written it countless times. Our entire alumni office has to look in the mirror and have a relentless action plan to get UH alumni involved into our sports programs. That is as simple as that.

You’re right we don’t know the hard numbers. But the folks that process legacy scholarships
probably know the number of legacy applicants they get yearly. But that data is not online, best I can tell.

We look at our pathetic football attendance and season ticket sales as being a symptom of mostly alumni not being involved with the school. From that, it’s a somewhat reasonable assumption that those absentee alumni probably don’t encourage their kids to pick UH.

I think many of the absentee alumni are the part time evening students that never were
traditional students. I’m using traditional here as 18 year olds, just out of high school, and either
living on or near campus, or at home and commuting. Some may call the latter group non traditional - and that’s fine - but from this definition, 18-23 year old commuters fall in the traditional

A traditional student is a category of students at colleges and universities.

In the United States, it is used to refer to post-secondary students under 25 years old who enroll directly from high school, attend full-time, and do not have major life and work responsibilities (e.g., full-time job or dependents).[[1]]>>>>>>(Traditional student - Wikipedia)[2][3] Historically, traditional students made up the majority of students. However, these students are now a minority in the United States.[4] It is frequently observed that traditional higher education programs and policies are geared toward, and the outcome of, the previous era when traditional students were the main market for higher education.[5]

Traditional students are contrasted with non-traditional students, which typically refers to adult students who >are not participating in higher education immediately after high school, are 25 years old and older, >and/or have major life and work roles and responsibilities.[6][7]

Why are you always race baiting?

I’m not.

I’m simply stating a fact.

The Cullen foundation’s original charter mandated that UH only admit Whites.

That’s BAD.

And that’s why people shouldn’t say stuff like….”b-b-b-b the Cullens said we should be a school for the working class.”


They also said UH should be all White.

So given that, REJECT the wishes of the Cullens when it comes to our mission, and don’t use that as an excuse for not changing UH for the better.

UH’s current mission says NOTHING about being a school for the working class, but rather, for DIVERSE communities, including upper class, lower class, working class, middle class, and all permutations in between.

I was just kidding.

Hold on there partner !

Pretty soon he will be going after Sam Houston
and George Washington for being slave owners. We should banish their names from
our school, city, and country.

Some folks are starting to look like grandpa Simpson yelling at the clouds.

Everyone on this board wants UH to rise in stature. Nobody is advocating for UH to become segregated nor sympathize with racist ideals. You’re arguing with yourself grandpa. It’s weird.

Hopefully, we can all discern and sift the good from the bad of our past institutions AND their leaders.

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For reference
UH Clear Lake = Its in-state tuition and fees are $9,236; out-of-state tuition and fees are $26,081.
UH Main = In state tuition and fees are $9,711; out of state tuition and fees are $22,191
UHD = In state tuition and fees are $7,354; out of state tuition and fees are $17,434
UH victoria = in state = in-state tuition and fees are $7,149; out-of-state tuition and fees are $16,941.

Quite the bump for UHCL

Those are per semester rates.

TY, made the correction

I used this calculator and got some different
numbers, choosing undergrad, on campus, NSM for college and 18 hours.

Estimated Costs Per Semester

Tuition and Consolidated Fees $6940.62
Mandatory Fee - Student Service Fee $260.00
Mandatory Fee - University Center Fee $135.00
Mandatory Fee - Recreation and Wellness Center $118.00
TOTAL: $7453.62

You Might Qualify For A Fixed Tuition Rate

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year Total
Variable: $11567.70 $11822.19 $12082.28 $12348.09 $47820.25
Fixed: $11971.40 $11971.40 $11971.40 $1197

Couple $2000 less, nothing to quibble about, but still pricey imho.

4 years comes in at
$47820.25 with those choices

That’s crazy!

Why in the world are they charging more to attend a satellite campus than the main campus?

I’d argue some programs there are on par, and on some occasions you get greater access to faculty support, however, I did a workshop with UH last fall and the biology programs could not be any more different with respect to student expectation.

I teach biology as well, UH main does it right. Clear lake does have a killer rec center, I recommend any clear lake coogs to go donate and get a pass. The new STEM building is a giant step up, major upgrade.

Like you gotta really go out of your way to do research there, where as at main it is basically expected of you that you prove you can manipulate and modify research (biology).

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