How to quote text in your reply

If you want to quote something someone wrote… Simply highlight the text you want with your browser cursor in the post you want to quote and hit REPLY

Like so!


You got it UHLAW

Thanks for your instructions …

Please show us how to delete a posting that we no longer want displaying … the delete feature does not appear to be available.

And how to post a picture … in the old coogfans one had to open a separate window and drag and drop … can we avoid that.

Just drag a picture into the text area or click the upload icon in the toolbar.

Click the three little dots underneath your post next to the heart/link/flag icon and you will see a trashcan. Click that and you can delete your post.

Thanks … the delete works …

However I found you do not need to drag a picture to the text area …

Just click the upload icon and it prompts you for a website link which you can copy and paste like the hyperlink and the upload icon will create the picture for you.

Yes you can do images a variety of ways. :slight_smile:

Hey, that works well. :sunglasses:

Testing! Testing…on an iPad.

Does your reply improve the conversation in some way?



Ok that worked. I added a less then symbol “>” in front of the word “Test” and it made it a quote box. This works on Reddit too.