Hunter biden laptop update

Slowly peeling the onion.

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There is no doubt in my mind that Hunter Biden was the conduit for a pay to play scheme. Hunter acted much like the Clinton Foundation did. Washington is a down and dirty place where its all about money.


Exactly the doj investigation is on going. As expected the mainstream media is not mentioning one word about it. The dems party lraders were very upset when the nytimes admitted it was indeed hunter’s laptop and emails.

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A quick google search makes your narrative fall apart.

Local and national news covered the updates.

But please go on with no one is covering it in the media.

Next I want to know how Kushner made over 600 million while working in the WH.


Now the washington post is finally admitting it.
Start your bets on hunter beeing indicted.
This is just the start.

Your side is corrupt. No your side is more corrupt. Your side is going to be indicated, just wait. What?! You side is already under investigation.
No wonder the people in middle have given up.





I just wish all these bums get indicted, convicted and go to jail.

Since nobody ever goes to jail, they feel they are invincible.

Heck, Saintly George H W Bush was known for screwing over people in business deals. The word was out not to get involved with him.

They are all crooks.


Interesting. I have no recollection about claims of him being bad news in business dealings.
I take it this would be from his days as an oil wildcatter pre politics ?

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Even the staunchest of Biden supporters are going to have to come to grips with this:


Hunter was the conduit for a pay for play scheme, just like the Clinton Foundation was the conduit for a pay for play scheme for Hillary and Bill.

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Prepare for the mental gymnastics…

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I don’t know. He may well have been. But here’s the thing: he’s not an advisor to the President or in the Cabinet or even in D.C. So I’m not sure why the far right gets so hot and bothered over him when they couldn’t care less that Jared and Ivanka made billions while serving in official positions in the White House.


You’re allowed to make $ from your private businesses while serving in office…

You’re not allowed to use your office to force other people to use your services/company… AKA pay to play.

The latter is what Hunter and The Big Guy are accused of… I haven’t seen any real information on Trump’s kids that show they did this.

We have not seen evidence Hunter did…it is all alleged.

But if proven, full prosecution for those involved.


Ivanka filed a zillion Chinese patents while working in her Dad’s office. Jared magically found financing overseas. Jared worked in the White House. They profited greatly off Trump’s presidency because they had his ear and people will make special deals with them hoping for access or an airing of their respective issues. This time, the lobbyists were part of the family.

Hunter Biden used the family name to make money merely by association, so shame on him. If he hid any of it from taxation (which is the thrust of the investigation), then he should be treated as anyone else is on these kinds of tax matters, and prosecuted if this is how these cases proceed. To this point, none of this is tied to the current POTUS, and won’t be, because it is just not his MO, but let the FBI complete its investigation.


So what do you call forcing everyone to pay at golf resorts owned by that person while charging inflated rates to Secret Service and sticking taxpayers with the bill and shoveling the money into your own pockets

I guess that’s more shameless self dealing the corruption than pay to play.


Where is your proof that they FORCED people to stay at their hotels and pay inflated rates… I can link you to Tony Bobulinski interview and emails…

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Don’t post more accusations… Please post the documents that prove they FORCED people to stay at their hotels…

And with respect to government paying inflated prices for services… That happens on EVERY SINGLE GOVERNMENT BALANCE SHEET.


I do find it funny that Ivanka’s trademarks were approved around dates related to agreements with China and Japan… That ain’t got a damned thing to do with Hunter and Joe Biden, though.

Whataboutism at it’s finest.

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