“I demand equal time”

Listen your daddy is a bad man, it’s not your fault that he is, it’s just your fault to keep being in denial about it.

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At the time the January 6th. event unfolded I thought the mob was there to stop The House from counting the Electoral College ballots and thus certifying Biden as our next President.

I also thought the crowd had been motivated by Trump’s words and actions during the days and weeks before that day.

I and my wife both voted for Trump. But we certainly believed he was the guiding force behind the Capitol riot. Still do.

Trump does not get a “Get out of Jail Free” card on this. Indeed, if Trump is on the 2024 ballot we will not vote for him. Probably have to just skip that part of the General Ballot. Brandon will not get our vote.

While it still is clear that Trump was a better candidate than either Hillary or Brandon he remains a narcissist and a delusional man, beyond any other of our Presidents. His personnell errors(he hires them then said they were incompetent as he fires them) is incredible. He cannot effectively manage a Government at any level.

To summarize our 2 Party system has consistently nominated the lower realms of society, people both incompetent and crooked. A vast Moral-Free zone of low lifes.

Trump was just the latest. Biden is beyond belief. Incompetent and having social-engineering thoughts that defy reality.

Can only hope for a literal “Savior “.


Thank you for admitting to seeing what he truly is, a malignant narcissist.

We can debate the merits, policy and mangement of any candidate. I am no Biden fan, but Trump and his inner circle are a danger to our democracy.

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What does this have to do with race? Are you prejudice against people that are a different race than you?

Lol …you dont even know my race…but please go on…lol

Would it still be a joke? The mothership was outraged and said it was antifa and BLM and supporters tried to blame them and they were upset, and when it was disproven and it was clear it was Trump supporters suddenly it was a …joke…tourists that got carried away…mostly peaceful…blah blah blah…

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It was mostly peaceful though! No cars set in fire, no one murdered, like what happened over the summer, where over a billion dollars of property damage was done with similar rioting

bruh… enjoy your copium.


Do you get tired from just digging a deeper and deeper hole?


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