I have a newfound respect for Pence!

He just told the Federalist Society this!


Eh I guess, in the it’s never too late to do the right thing sort of way. Waiting a year, mealy mouthing around, then after most likely realizing your political career is over (as it is for most Vice Presidents) to do it. At a private event, not under oath, or for the world to truly see doesn’t get lots of extra credit for me.

He gets lots of credit for not participating in the treason though, when he easily could have. He did what was right not what was easy. For that he will have my respect.


Really. Their intent was to hang him and he never spoke up, basically a staunch supporter of the treason. As someone said, the alternative headline should be "Former Vice President takes more than a year to acknowledge the obvious:.


Dang… Thought this was about Hunter Pence.

If the Republicans want to lose the next election… Run Mike Pence.

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The Republicans have already won the next election. Thank you senile Joe!

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Wow! :smirk: :worried:

No comment

We have the best choices, senile or tyrant

Who is the tyrant?
Actions, facts speak louder than words.

I don’t know much about the Jan 6 stuff… But from what I understand Trump had sent a request to have the national guard at the capitol and Pelosi and DC mayor didn’t think it was necessary.

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Well when he can produce a record of it not just at a speech at Fort Lauderdale I’ll agree with him until then Mango Mussolini and friends can get a one way fight to Gitmo for liquid enhanced subpoenas.

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So you support waterboarding…?

If it’s good enough Muslin terrorists it’s certainly good enough for domestic ones. Once you shead the ‘holier than thou’ pretense no reason not to share the love.

But history serves as an obvious teacher, once a putsch happened if you don’t deal with it the harshness it deserves next thing you know Reichstags are on fire, emergency powers are handed over, and it’s all really downhill from there.

Both sides in this country literally think the other side is Hitler… Fascinating!

That’s not true, they tend think we’re Stalin or Mao.

I don’t for one minute believe Jan 6th was some coordinated effort to take over the government. What it was, was a bunch of idiots being idiots not unlike any of the other rioters that did what they did that year.

You could not take over a banana republic doing what they did.

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Five years, yes five years the congress, senate and the entire press went after:
His family
His young minor son
His wife
All of his business associates
They started by saying the following:
He is a racist - Fact = his own daughter is married to an Hasidic Jew. That makes his grand children Jewish and his own daughter Jewish.
They fabricated the Charlottesville speech. This is from USA Today.
How is that for a dem front runner setting up the entire country on fire by lying? To this day no apology(ies) retractions, mea-culpa was sent his way.
They kept saying/writing that he had no idea about economics and his election would lead to the worst depression of all time. How many so called world economists said/wrote it and with Nobel piece prizes?
Results - Facts:
Best economy in over forty years. Best unemployment figures for all minorities including African American (what is the number right now?) women etc…
He had no idea about foreign affairs.
Did the Afghanistan disaster happened under his watch? Don’t try to push forward that he had a deal with the taliban. Who was at the helm when this catastrophe happened? don’t try to rewrite history. History is made of facts not with a magic wand. Did 13 American heroes died under his watch? Did he give close to a $B worth of arms to the taliban? Did Russia threaten to invade Ukraine? Did the ccp threaten to take over Taiwan.
The list goes on and on.
Oh I almost forgot:
Was it illegal for the Gov of Pennsylvania to change the voting rules just weeks before the election?
It was indeed illegal. Look it up.
Just in AZ there are over 50k more voters than registered. How could that be? Since these finding how many dems reps have retired? Some of them are right now being indicted. Does this just happen for every election?
Did zuckerberg spent $10’s M’s (some account go as far as $400M’s) for drop in boxes?
These same drop in boxes had no security. How easy was it to drop off ballots?
Oh it just happened that these same boxes were in the so called six contentious states.
The same people that hate him are against a voter id. Fine then why do you need an id with your picture to show proof of covid vaccination? Why I ask you do you need an id to buy canabis in a dispensary? Why do you need an id to get food stamp?
Now for giggles look closely at the states that the big, bag, narcisist, sob won. Look at it closely.
Never has a candidate lost the Presidential election while winning the states that he won. NEVER in the history of the best country in the world.
Not only did he ask peolosi for extra security including local police, National Guard and others at the capitol prior to Jan 6th he asked multiple times. He never got a response. To this day pelosi, the d.c. mayor refuses to answer that very same question. They were antifa supporters among some idiots Trump supporters that entered the Capitol. Why were they there and how many? The fbi keeps refusing that information. This is not an invention but facts. The big bad orange man himself told his supporters for no violence.
You proclaim violence. What happened during the entire year? How many people were killed? How many businesses were torched? How many lives were destroyed due to all of it? Who paid for the ones that were arrested and were set free? To this day blm has $10’s of M’s that the irs refuses to investigate. Why?
Mussolini was a racist and a fascist. Who is the fascist and racist when he says “You ain’t black if you are not voting for me” Who put more African American in jails than any other politician combined since slavery was abolished by a rep…Remember which party Lincoln belong to. Remember which dominant party the kkk is affiliated with? Remember how many dems are associated with the kkk? Oh the big orange man is a racist, arsonist, monster, hates women but at the same time is for promoting women (see his company executives)

I agree they couldn’t but they still stormed the capitol to overturn or stop the election results. First time in our history and the former president is still claiming it should have been stopped. Election results only count if your side wins is not good for democracy, seems like a simple concept

That has nothing to do with it. We could have easily waited a few weeks to find exactly what went on. Result you have over 40% of the population that does not think this was a fair election. How does that help the country? Remember the hanging shads? How long did that take? At least a few weeks. At the very least the same process could have been implemented. So why did not this happen? This is directed at both the reps and dems.

No it sounds like you want a tyrant to be able to declare himself a winner. But aren’t you the one always saying you left communism for this very reason. Strange your fine with a mob storming the Capitol

You are unable to describe why you think he is a tyrant. Was al gore a tyrant demanding recounts? To this day how many dems think al gore won? Does that make them tyrants too? Rule for thee but not for me.